5 Reasons To Get Your Flu Shot Today

I have got a flu shot every year since 2005 – I was still in graduate school at the time, but my lab and office were located in a hospital.  While I HATE needles, the thought of making a patient sick by touching the same elevator button or door handle didn’t seem fair.  By protecting myself, I was helping to protect them too.  Plus it didn’t hurt that they were giving out chocolate bars once you got your shot, and I am a sucker for anything chocolate.  Thinking about getting your flu shot this year – here are 5 reasons to get your flu shot today

  1. Influenza kills – Approximately 3,500 Canadians die every year from the flu.  So instead of being worried about viruses that are unlikely to ever reach our country lets focus on the preventable deaths that happen every year within our borders and work to decrease those numbers.
  2. Because you love Grandma and Grandpa – visiting with grandparents is such a special time, but people over the age of 65 are among those most susceptible to the flu.  You or your kids may me carrying the virus without even knowing it, don’t pass it around while giving good bye hugsgrandparents
  3. Do it for the preemies, those fighting cancer and so many more people with compromised immune systems – they have enough to deal with already without having to worry about the flu too!   What may be a mild runny nose to you could lead to hospitalization for them.32 week preemie
  4. Do it for YOU – take a moment to think about how crazy life would be if you were out of the picture for a week because you were too sick.  Not only would things like cooking and cleaning fall to someone else, but you could miss out on fun activities with your family because you are too sick to join them.  Not only would you feel bad because you are sick, but then there is the added mom guilt of missing out or not being there.  No thanks, I will pass on that and get my flu shot instead.
  5. Because it is easy to do – You can now get your flu shot from a pharmacist!  No more taking time off and booking a doctors appointment or lining up for one of the rare flu shot clinics.  Nope, now you can walk into pharmacies that offer this service and get a shot within minutes.  This year I visited my local Shoppers Drug Mart to get my flu shot.  All you need is your health card, it is just that simple to get protected from the flu.  Pharmacists can give the flu shot to people over 5 years of age and are available to offer advice & healthcare solutions for your family throughout the cold & flu season.free flu shot ontario shoppers drug mart sdmflufighters

I think those 5 reasons to get your flu shot are pretty convincing.  And this year there are more options available for flu protection – the “flu shot” as well as the nasal flu vaccine (more on that one shortly).  So even if you are a chicken about needles like me there is no reason for you not to to be fully protected from the flu this year. 


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Do you normally get a flu shot?  How do you protect yourself from the flu?

Disclosure:  This post was brought to you by Shoppers Drug Mart.  All opinions are strictly my own.


144 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Get Your Flu Shot Today”

  1. When I got mine at shopper’s this year the pharmacist asked if I was afraid of needles and I said, no, rolled up my sleeve to show my tattoos, and she laughed and said, “you’d be surprised, I have had lots of tattooed chickens.”

  2. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, Vitamin C and D supplements, bundling up and of course getting the flu shot

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I get my flu shot practically the day they become available, this year it was at Shoppers too, I didn’t get one of those special plasters though – must be favouritism I guess. 😉 I also take supplements to boost my immune system and wash my hands often too.

  4. fresh fruit and veg loads of vitamin c a multivitamin and hand sanitizer also have taught my son to sneeze in his elbow not his hands

  5. I got the flu shot once and my arm hurt so bad for days afterward. That being said I usually don’t get the flu, I try to eat healthily and follow good habits such as washing my hands frequently and keeping them away from my face.

  6. I eat right, take my vitamins, stay away from huge crowds of people, and no I do not get the flu shot never have and never will and haven’t been sick in years

  7. I wash my hands often, use disinfectant wipes all the time and eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies to try to keep my immune system up

  8. I wash my hands a lot, try to eat healthy. Use hand sanitizer when I got out to public places and touch stuff. Best thing is to stay away from others that have colds or don’t feel well.

  9. I hand wash regularly and I carry hand sanitizer in my purse, I try to avoid places where people are sick, doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc

  10. I make efforts to live healthy aside from practicing good health hygiene habits. Without a nourished body, all efforts to prevent disease will fail as your body is only as good as you treat it.

  11. I hand wash as much as I can to reduce the flu and when I can’t I carry hand sanitizer! AND…I take 5 drops of oregano oil everyday…its supposedly even kills MRSA!!( this is the healthiest year and first year taking it!

  12. I try to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water daily and eat balanced meals. I also make sure to wash my hands frequently.

  13. we wash our hands, if i have to sneeze or cough I do that into my arm and NOT my hands, vitamin C & D, dressing for the weather (in layers) and continuing to eat a large amount of fresh produce even in the winter months.

  14. I get my flu shot, and I eat healthy and take my vitamins, plus I try not to run myself down with to much work and also don’t stress!!

  15. I always get the flu shot (I work with young children, and I am immuno cromprimised, being diabetic ) as well as take ’emergen-c’ drinks whenever I feel like there is alot of sickness around me, or if I start feeling worn down

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  17. Natasha Severson

    I always wash my hands like crazy, and wash things around my house as much as possible. I used to get the flu shot but I have not in forever! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. To help protect myself from the flu I make sure my little one and I practice good handwashing hygiene, We eat well, drink lots of water and get adequate sleep. We use an air purifier, let fresh air in and use essential oils. We take vitamins and elderberry syrup to boost our immune systems.

  19. Just drink lots of water , wash hands.. I use oregano and garlic pills for immune defense. We are rarely ill, rarely, we never use toxins to deal with illness.

  20. To help protect myself from the flu, I make sure to always wash my hands, use hand sanitizer and disinfect my home regularly.

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