Transitioning from working life to being a stay at home mom is not always simple and easy. Often moms can start to feel alone, bored and trapped in their own houses as they don’t know where to go or what to do now that they have a baby. They may feel estranged from their old friends who don’t have kids and therefore lack your current topic of interest to talk about – BABY STUFF! Making Mom friends isn’t always easy, but if you follow the tips below you will have no trouble connecting with moms in your community! Making mom friends will be successful with these 5 easy steps.

Back in January, I remember going out for lunch with my cousin Erica while I was off on sick leave waiting for baby, and it was not until the end of lunch that I realized I spent the entire time talking about baby stuff – and Thumper wasn’t even born yet! Now I sent her a text message later that day apologizing, and luckily she is amazing and said “no problem, I understand, its a huge part of your life right now”. This was an eye opening moment for me though, that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try and meet some mom friends once she arrived or I would go crazy being bored!

When Thumper was only 2 months old I ventured out to Mount Pleasant Library that had a 30 minute babytime, and am I ever glad I did. I walked in being shy and nervous and decided I was going to chat with the first mom I saw, her name happens to be Rachel and she happens to now be one of my good friends. Rachel and I began chatting and immediately got along, so I invited her to check out the Wednesday Fortinos Baby Program I go to and she happily agreed. We switched numbers and the rest is history – now 5 months later, we see each other at least once a week and have gone to programs together, had play dates at my place, visited the wadding pool at Ching park and invited some other friends along, and even planned a weekend away together with both our partners and the kids.

Mom friends

Now I am also very lucky and when I was just a couple months pregnant through the Baby Centre App I was able to make a group of online friends. One mom started a face book group and invited all of us with similar due dates to join the group which was secret and hidden and had a non baby name so that our friends couldn’t figure out we were pregnant before we were ready to share. Now this group was awesome during pregnancy as it was all moms with due dates from December to April so we were all going through similar issues at the same time. This group has been my lifeline as I entered motherhood as I always know I can ask a question or for a recommendation without judgement. This online group of mom friends is located all over the Greater Toronto Area, however we have had the chance to meet up a couple times in person.

5 Simple Steps to Making Mom Friends

  1. Put yourself out there by trying out some of the awesome programs within your own community
  2. Make the first move and start chatting – simple first question…. What is babies name and how old are they?
  3. Exchange contact info
  4. Invite the other mom and baby over for a play date at your place, or if your not comfortable with strangers in your own house, pick a place to meet up together that is baby friendly.
  5. Confirm the connection – just like dating not every friendship will workout as it is trial and error, so if you find the first mom friend didn’t work out – try again!

Are you bored at home? Lacking mom friends? Want your baby to interact with other babies of similar age?

Located in Brampton?

If you want something fun to do checkout the Events Calendar  which highlights all of the programs offered for babies in Brampton.

Located in Greater Toronto Area?

If your not located in Brampton, checkout 52 Baby Friendly Activities, which showcases a couple programs located around the Greater Toronto Area. Outside the Greater Toronto Area, use the list as a guide to search for programs in your own community!


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