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First day home from the NICU – 1 month old

Hands down my absolute favorite baby product for A.C. when he was a newborn was my Moby Wrap –  Words cannot explain my love for this carrier!

I purchased my Moby Wrap when A.C. was still in the NICU, knowing how important kangaroo care is for babies and wanting to have him snuggle close to me as much as possible to make up for all the time we had to spend apart before he came home.  We started using the Moby wrap the very first day we brought him home, even at only 6lbs he was snug and secure.
Some people are daunted by the task of tying the wrap, but after reading the instructions, watching a “how to” video on YouTube and doing a couple of practice ties we were ready to go.  I carried A.C. while I ate, did dishes, laundry and all of the other household chores. A.C. loved to be carried in the Moby Wrap, if he was fussy I would put him in it and he would calm down within a minute and be asleep normally within 5 minutes.
Moby Wrap
Out and about – 4 months old
The Moby Wrap is so comfortable to wear, distributing the baby’s weight all across your shoulders, back and waist.  I had no problem wearing A.C. for long periods of time at home, to the mall, or out for a walk.  When I was going out to the mall I would just put the Moby wrap on before I left, and plunk A.C. in once we reached our destination.  So many people stopped to compliment me and ask me about the carrier while I was out I joked about needing to print out some business cards to hand out!
I have even used it at night when A.C. was sick with a bad cold. He was so congested he was having trouble sleeping lying down, and was waking up every 30 min – My solution, wear him in the carrier and prop us up with pillows so we were at a 45 degree angle. No worries about him rolling off, and it allowed both of us to get some much needed rest.
Still works like a charm – 9 months old

One complaint I have read is people say that it is only for small babies, and it does not work as well once your baby is bigger.  Not True!!! I can still use the Moby wrap with A.C. at 22 lbs with no issues at all.  He still fits comfortably in the Moby Wrap and we have not had a problem with sagging.  It can get a little warm after wearing A.C. for a while, so I normally just wear a tank top when using the Moby Wrap.

Once your baby is in the Moby Wrap it really is a hands free solution to let you get on with your day.  I highly recommend the Moby wrap to every mom out there 
Happy Baby = Happy Family

Want to pick up aMoby wrap for yourself or as a gift for a new mom (they will love you for it!) Check out Amazon for a great selection of Moby Wraps, Moby D (for those who like a little more flair) and Moby wrap UV. 

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  1. I also love BabyLegs – I've got three pairs for my wee lass 🙂 I would LOVE to try the moby wrap as I've heard so much about it!

  2. Debbie Kennedy

    I think the moby wrap would end up being my favourite. It looks super comfortable!
    cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

  3. The Moby wrap! Baby's not quite here yet, but I've tried them out with friend's babies and would love to use one when my own little one arrives!

  4. I had a similar wrap for my little guy and loved it. My only wish is that I had bought it sooner! But I can still wear him in it, and he's 13 months and a healthy 24 pounds!

  5. I like the Moby Wrap in Slat or the ERGObaby carrier looks comfortable too. I am expecting so I am excited to hopefully get a Moby and try it out in just 5 short weeks! – Sandy Arndt –

  6. I LOVE the moby wrap, I've worn mine out I've used it so many times. from walking around at the Calgary stampede-so baby can see whats going on, to walking around with her when she was still new born when she wouldn't stop crying. She and I MAY have gone sledding once or twice with it on. *don't worry it was a small hill*

  7. I like the look of the Sakura. Very stylish. But I have heard great things about the Maya…


  8. my fav product from pookababy is the moby UV wrap! what a great idea! when i get my wrap i would be going out to walk the dog or take a quick trip across the road to the mall and i would feel great knowing my little man is protected from the sun 🙂

  9. The Ergobaby carrier is fantastic – that is my favorite product!

    Thank you for holding this wonderful giveaway.

    dcontests (at) hotmaildotcom

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