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Little Green Pouch – Reusable Food Pouch Review

When Monkey was a baby I made the majority of his food, and plan on doing the same thing for Little Bear.  The hardest part with making baby food is not the process of actually making as that is usually pretty quick, it is figuring out how to store it for easy feeding while on the go.  Little Green Pouch has designed a reusable food pouch that allows for easy storage and transport no matter where you are.reusable food pouch

The Little Green Pouch allows you to make up what ever type of puree you would like – fruit, veggie, meat – and store and serve from one container.  I made up an Apple, Kiwi, Avocado puree in my blender and poured it in to the reusable food pouch using a measuring funnel – I would highly recommend using something likeLittle Green Pouch this to make filling the pouches quick & mess free.  The dissolvable labels are perfect for recording the date and contents of the pouch.  After we were finished with the pouches the labels were easy to peel off, or just leave them on and when you wash them they completely dissolve.  Speaking of washing the pouches, one of my first concerns was how easy would these be to clean? Hubby who hates all dishes was not a fan of washing these, but I did not find it too bad.  With a little help from a washcloth and paper towel to try they came out nicely.Little Green Pouch

Monkey still loves his “Squishy” snacks and enjoyed the homemade puree that I made.  The Little Green Pouch will come in handy once Little Bear is ready for food as these will be easy to take with us on our travels.  You can find more information and great recipes on the Little Green Pouch website.  You can also connect with them on facebook and twitter.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product as compensation for this post. The opinions are strictly my own.

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  1. I purchased these and while they are a great alternative to use when a food pouch is just easier, I’ve found that they aren’t the easiest to wash. Bits always get stuck in the awkward corners and I find I really need to get at it with a brush to clean it out.

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