Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna is one of our favorite meals in our house.  It is one of our “go to” recipes for busy nights or when company is coming over.  You can make it ahead of time so you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen and it goes well with easy to prepare & yummy sides like Caesar salad and garlic bread.However making lasagna in our house always brings up 1 problem – what noodles to use.  See hubby likes the “traditional” noodles you have to boil first, you know the ones that burn you hands as you assemble the lasagna quickly enough that they don’t get sticky and stiff again.  While I used to prefer the “Oven-ready” noodles, add some extra water to your sauce and bake.  But the oven-ready noodles do come with their own challenges – you need to add the right amount of sauce/water too little and you have crunchy lasagna and too much and you have a lasagna soup!

Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna recipe
Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna

Well Olivieri has come to my rescue with their Lasagna Sheets!  These ready-to-go fresh pasta noodles taste great and take all of the guess work out of making lasagna.  You can find them in the refrigerated pasta section (usually near the fancy cheeses) in your local grocery store.  I love how they help simplify lasagna making, and taste like you made the pasta yourself (ha, as if!).  I know we will be enjoying Olivieri Lasagna Sheets whenever we make lasagna from now on.  I made a Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna that was both hubby and kid approved, and reheats well for work lunches too.

Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna
1 package (360g) Olivieri Lasagna Sheets
1lb Ground Beef
300g Mozzarella Cheese, grated
Pasta Sauce (630 mL)
Roasted Red Peppers – you can buy or make these
Olive oil
475g Ricotta Cheese
1 Egg
1 Medium Onion, diced
2 Cloves of Garlic, crushed
1.  In a frying pan cook garlic and onions until translucent.  Add ground beef, cook until browned.
2. If you are roasting your own red peppers, cut in half, remove seeds and brush skins with olive oil.  Broil until skins are blackened.  Remove skins and dice.
3.  In a 9×13″ pan coat the bottom in a thin layer of pasta sauce, and layer the lasagna sheets in a single layer.
4.  Add meat mixture, and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and pasta sauce.
5.  Add another layer of noodles, and a pasta sauce
6.  Mix Ricotta Cheese with egg, and layer over the noodles
7.  Sprinkle with diced roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese

8.  Add final layer of noodles, pasta sauce and top with remaining mozzarella cheese

Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna recipe


137 thoughts on “Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna Recipe”

  1. My favourite type of lasagna is the kind that my husband makes. He is Greek and the herbs he uses are a little different than the typical Italian ones.

  2. Classic meat and cheese lasagana is the best.Serve with a ceasar salad, garlic bread and nice bottle of wine – Perfect dinner

  3. We always make from scratch and add what ever is on hand. It could have ground beef,pork,turkey,chicken,moose,or venison in it.

  4. I love Spinach & Butternut squash lasagna. Actually any form of vegie lasagna. I would never turn it down. Lovessssssssssssssss it. The rest of my family adores meat lasagna.

  5. Ricotta cheese makes lasagna. Prego makes a roasted red pepper sauce that goes well in lasagna, but thus far I have only seen it in the states. Oh well, this recipe makes up for that by roasting our own peppers. MMMM!

  6. I make a really awesome white lasagna with ground chicken, mushrooms, a béchamel sauce and a lot of white cheeses. ricotta, swiss, mozza, harvarti and parmesan. omg its so good.

    andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

  7. All types of lasagna are fantastic! My favourite has homemade pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese and ricotta or cottage cheese (depends who is eating it), various bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, red onion, garlic and ground beef. I've tried both the boil and no boil noodles but never the Olivieri sheets, they look so convenient! I'm definitely going to give them a try! Thanks for your blog post and the giveaway.

  8. Spinach lasagna is my favourite, it does have ground chicken in it. Anything with a lot of cheese is really good!

  9. April Christianson

    meat lasagne with cottage cheese and lots of it and topped with lots of cheese. MMMMM now I want some.

  10. I like them all…different ingredents add variety and spice to life. But if I had to pick…the traditional meat lasagna is pretty yummy every time!

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