Celebrating “Bonus Days” of Pregnancy #preemie #preemiemom

Last week I reached a milestone that I have been counting down to from the time I found out I was pregnant.  33 weeks.  Why is reaching my 33rd week of pregnancy significant?  Because for me that is when I start celebrating my “Bonus Days” of pregnancy.  With my first pregnancy I didn’t make past 32 weeks before Monkey made his swift and unexpected arrival on what was supposed to be a typical Friday morning.

preemie baby 32 weeks

I think back often to the events that lead up to Monkey’s preterm arrival and try not to dwell on the “What ifs”.  Those moments where I was so scared, but Hubs was my rock and reassured me that everything would be OK.  My midwives and the pediatrician on-call going over what to expect with having a preterm baby – not that I could really understand or take any of it in between contractions.  Getting to see my tiny little boy for a precious moment before he was whisked off to the NICU, and to be left alone in the quiet of the recovery room with no baby to care for.  The memories are always there.

bonus days of pregnancy
Celebrating every bonus day I get with baby #3

For now we celebrate each and every Bonus Day of pregnancy where Little Roo stays safety inside me growing bigger and stronger each day.  And I am able to breathe a *little* easier knowing that each day gets us closer to full team.  So here is to several more weeks of Bonus Days and all the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms that come with getting closer to your due date!

14 thoughts on “Celebrating “Bonus Days” of Pregnancy #preemie #preemiemom”

  1. Ohhh, enjoy every one of these bonus days! I’m sure the anticipation is building, but it’s also nice to know the baby grows stronger each day. Good luck to you with the remaining days of your pregnancy.

  2. Darlene Schuller

    Look at you!! Keep hanging in there gorgeous, every day is another milestone and I hope you’re celebrating with smiles and belly rubs.

    Praying for a safe, easy delivery and a healthy screaming baby in your arms!!!

  3. Congratulations, as my daughter is expecting and it is a “high risk” pregnancy I understand how every day is precious. All the best!!

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