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28 thoughts on “Overnight Oats Recipe”

    1. If you want to try again, try with the steel cut oats. They have a nuttier flavour and a much much chewier texture. It's just not as mushy and so more enjoyable for most people.

    1. That baked oatmeal looks great too! I usually make my oatmeal in a giant sized batch and then save the leftover to be reheated later. But baking it all together also seems like a great way to cook it up with leftovers.

  1. Visiting you from Sass. OMG lmao is this post just for me? I am up right now making Steal Cut oats for breakfast. I have never had steal cut and heard how much better they were. LOL too funny. This post is just for me.. lmao

    Kevin 🙂

  2. OMG! I am always forward your recipes to my inbox. I have to find somewhere I can keep them all when I print them off. I have to try this one. I like just being able to leave it overnight. Makes life simple SASS

  3. Interesting concept! I enjoy oatmeal, but I hate when it's too plain, so I'm left with instant oatmeal options.

    This seems like a very tasty option to keep breakfast speedy in the morning.

    Thanks! (SASS)

  4. Very night recipe, I am always looking for healthy recipes, that are quick and easy for the morning. I have some steel oats already and things to go with it so I plan on trying this for the kids and myself this week. Great Recipe!

  5. Oh I love that you prep this the night before. My oatmeal usually comes in a premixed packet. I've been meaning to try making “real” oatmeal. Thanks for the recipe! – SASS

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