18 thoughts on “Don’t Break the Bank this Summer – Tips for Budgeting for Summer Activities”

  1. These are great tips. Doing summer activities can definitely add up so it’s important to budget for them and save where you can.

  2. I’ll have to see what activities I can trade in loyalty points for — I always forget to use these!

  3. So many great ways to have fun this summer without breaking the bank. I love finding inexpensive ways for the family to have fun that doesn’t cost a fortune 🙂

  4. Summer is the best time of the year and I love all of the family adventures we can get up to, but yes, the money does get tight. These tips are a great help, thank you and I will start to think ahead now for sure. 🙂

  5. I agree, it’s easy to get carried away doing fun summer stuff. Staycations can even get costly. We usually decide on one or two place to visit and stick with the plan. Great suggestions.

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What fantastic tips, money only goes so far so it’s important to plan accordingly. The tip I liked best was the ‘save summer camp receipts as a tax deduction’. I’ll pass that on to my children perhaps they can use that for my grandkids.

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