4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Saving Money On your Cell Phone Plan”

  1. We have four phones in our family and four different cell plans. The thing I look for is flexibility really. We all need different things in our cell phones. I need a lot of data and a lot of memory. My phone has to be a work horse. But the girls really only need a bit of talk and text and can use wifi so I can get away with a much smaller plan there. DH uses his way less than I do but he needs reliability. Basically I need those phones to work so I can reach any or all of them when I need to.

  2. Oh wow, I’ll have to check out the Mobile Shop next time we need a new phone for one of our plans. I had no idea they had price matching, that’s awesome! Thanks for the heads up! <3

    I have no idea what my #1 necessity is when shopping for a new phone. I think it changes for me as these phones evolve, lol. Last time it down to either the LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S7, and it was all down to which phone had a better camera, so that I wouldn't have to worry so much on quality for Instagram pics… Hmm… That might still be my #1 concern next time I get a phone too, if I'm still addicted to Instagram by then. 😉

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