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15 thoughts on “Minute Maid Party Punch Recipe”

  1. This recipe is coming just in time! We are having a birthday party for our kids this weekend, so I think I’ll make this for everyone. Thanks!

  2. The Watermelon Grapefruit Fizz sounds really great! We make our punch using a similar recipe, although I’ve never tried using two different flavours of concentrate juice!

  3. I am officially sick of the heat! We’ve been incorporating excessive amounts of water into our days just so we can survive, but I’m also sick of water! Definitely going for the Watermelon Grapefruit 🙂 It just sounds delicious.

  4. I love making punch and those recipes sound perfect! I’ve been looking for ways to change up my punch repertoire.

  5. I actually need a punch next month for a get together. This one sounds easy to make so I think I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe!

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