117 thoughts on “4 Uses of Gravol That Every Mom Needs to Know”

  1. I suffer from migraines and was told by my Doctor to take a half a Gravol every morning to off set the nausea caused by the headaches

  2. Gravol had been my best friend many a times. It’s extremely helful for me when flying and when I have an inner ear infection.

  3. I had been seriously hurt playing football at university, requiring 4 operations, including the removal of part of my intestine. For months I had serious heartburn and choking until a doctor prescribed gravol..and it worked

  4. My morning sickness only consisted of tummy aches. However, at the same time, my husband had an ear problem and gravol helped him keep his stomach settled. In the prize package, I like the Baby Orajel.

  5. my youngest daughter gets car sick and we travel often 6hrs to visit grandma and grandpa so gravol helps us get thru those trips

    ive been meaning to pick up some color booster or color safe bleach (our brights have been lookin dingy)

  7. Gravol helped me out, when I couldn’t sleep. I had a great sleep, after I took a gravol. Thanks for sponsoring this awesome giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  8. Gravol came to my rescue one time when one of my grandchildren got the flu and started to get a real sick tummy right after drinking some grape juice.It was not pretty!!I was so grateful that I had gravol in my house to give him.

  9. Have just finished a 2 month road trip and needed gravol to save the back seat from the trials and tribulations of car sickness

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  11. The baby toothpaste and brush since my little one is getting more teeth each day and loves trying to brush his teeth!

  12. I used gravol during my labour with both babies. It took the edge off and eased my upset tummy. I’ve also used it with travelling. I look forward to getting the oxiclean – I love it in my laundry!

  13. I always have lots of gavol on hand. I prefer the liquid over pills..I find it works much quicker and I take it for nausea because of stomach issues.

  14. Gravol is a LIFESAVER! If it weren’t for Gravol my Husband wouldn’t be able to fly anywhere and that would mean staycations FOREVER 🙂

  15. I was released from the hospital after stomach surgery and was advised to use gravol whenever I experienced nausia (about 2 months)

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