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Between Kate and Erin the Little Miss Kate Crew is made up of four kids, rangeing from 2 years old all the way up to 10. Kate has Monkey who is 9 , Bear who is 7, and Roo who is 5. Erin only has only kid so far but Thumper at age 2 is definetly a busy toddler who needs to be entertained. These are all activities we have done with our own kids and felt that other parents could benefit from the ideas as we know the chaos of parenting.

We have created the Kids Zone to provide parents with Crafts, Activities and Educational Printables to Keep Your Kids Busy!

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

Do you get frustrated while trying to make dinner, or just getting through the day working while having the kids home due to our current pandemeic situation? Is your go to solution the Ipad tor television? Don't get me wrong we allow television and technology in our...

St Patrick’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

St Patrick’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

As St.Patricks Day is quickly approaching and I will have Thumper home with me as it is March Break in Ontario, I searched out some St.Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers and came across Jessica and The Primary Parade and decided to invite her to guest post for us...

Sensory Bin Ideas and Crafts for babies for Messy Play

Sensory Bin Ideas and Crafts for babies for Messy Play

The first years of a child's life is integral to their brain and sensory development and reaching developmental milestones. Sensory development can be fostered through curiosity, exploration, and discovery of new textures, smells, sounds, tastes and sights, all of...



Activity Supplies for Young Kids


I have also created a list of Supplies that I feel you should always have on hand to keep Young Kids Busy. While I have been stuck at home recently with Thumper I have realized there are some really important supplies to have on hand to keep her busy all day.  A great way to store all these toddler materials is in a few plastic drawers!

Having these materials have helped me to stay sane, keep Thumper busy and make it to nap time everyday!  I didn’t have all of these materials however through the amazing wizards of online ordering anything I needed I could order online and have them arrive the next day.

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Must Have Materials:


5 Drawer Tower
3 Drawer Tower 


Art Supplies:
Crayola Washable Paint
Crayola Pip Squeaks
Crayola Colour Wonder Markers & Colouring Book
Early Learning Painting Kit
Coloured Construction Paper
Easel or Banner Paper
Dot Stickers


Other Supplies/Activities
Melissa and Doug Water Wow
Magnetic Letters or Foam Letters
Post it Notes



Sensory Bin Materials:

Sensory Play is messy, interactive and fun and allows children to explore new textures and materials in a safe environment and encourages your child’s development. Sensory play encourages brain development, language, motor skills, problem solving, and adaptability. You will want to check out our posts on Messy Play.

– Rice
Kinetic Sand
– Pom Poms
Measuring Cups
Ice Cube Tray
Sensory Bin (Under the Bed Storage Bin)
– Food Colouring
– Water Beads




These are materials that I use ALL the
time to keep Thumper, my 3 year old busy!