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11 thoughts on “Mom to Mom Sales in Brampton”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I think this is a wonderful idea, considering what a short time young children wear clothes at this age a lot of the articles must be like new – a great way to recycle too.

  2. I have never been to a Mom to Mom sale but then again I never actually had a reason to go. Now I am having my first great grandchild and is to be born TODAY!!!! She is in the USA. So I will be watching for these sales and all sorts of baby things here to take to her mummy.!! I love sales and if I can save a dollar that is fantastic. I have reserched this online and there is one near here in Bowmanville….so hopefully I can go… Great info thanks !!

  3. sabina edwards

    our small town has a fb baby/kids page and you can’t believe how fast stuff sells on there…like within minutes!! I sold all of our old lil tykes stuff on there, didn’t ask for much as it was 15+ years old (best kids stuff out there if you ask me lol) Reg fb buy and sell pages don’t hve items moving as fast as the kids/baby stuff one, although right now there is a lady selling cloth diapers and I’m tempted to buy some but no ones even made a comment on the posts ….I had cloth for my kids and loved them, but my kids are no where near the stage to have their own yet, so I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t buy them for stashing away lol

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