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EARLY ON Baby Playtime

A great program for baby to make some new friends and for mommies to connect is Baby Playtime run by Early Years of Ontario for free. This was the very first program I checked out when Thumper was just a month old and I needed out of the house. While she slept through the whole program I got to see what the program was and really just connect with other moms. Baby Playtime Brampton EARLY ON allows parents to explore early learning activities with their babies and network with other caregivers. Songs, toys, parachute and much more. 


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7 Reasons I Love Baby Playtime

I personally have only checked out the Fortino’s location, as it is a short 3 minute stroller walk for me, but here are the reasons I love the program!

  1. Friendly and welcoming staff members: Katherine, Heather, and Mandy.
  2. Get to make mom and baby friends
  3. Time to ask questions – each session Heather starts the class by having every mom tell there babies name and something new that baby is doing ex.crawling, siting, etc. She also uses this time and offers moms to ask a question and get responses from the group. For example last week I asked what sunscreen people were using and why and BAM in 2 minutes I had a wealth of new information about sunscreen.
  4. The songs are fun, active and keep babies and moms engaged!
  5. Each month there is a theme to the program – for July its was all about getting to know each other so Heather the program facilitator had come up with fun games such as two truths and a lie, a game show about baby products and many more fun activities. In June we focused on safety and discussed what you can and can’t bring back from the United States, car safety and much more! She even had a car seat technician come in as a resource to the group.
  6. Lastly, for every holiday they plan some sort of fun craft – poem and footprint for fathers day, clay mold of hand or foot for mothers day.
  7. Lastly, I have been attending this program almost every week, and the best part…. its FREE!baby playtime Early ONYou may also be interested in:

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