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  1. I also love BabyLegs – I've got three pairs for my wee lass 🙂 I would LOVE to try the moby wrap as I've heard so much about it!

  2. Debbie Kennedy

    I think the moby wrap would end up being my favourite. It looks super comfortable!
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  3. The Moby wrap! Baby's not quite here yet, but I've tried them out with friend's babies and would love to use one when my own little one arrives!

  4. I had a similar wrap for my little guy and loved it. My only wish is that I had bought it sooner! But I can still wear him in it, and he's 13 months and a healthy 24 pounds!

  5. I like the Moby Wrap in Slat or the ERGObaby carrier looks comfortable too. I am expecting so I am excited to hopefully get a Moby and try it out in just 5 short weeks! – Sandy Arndt –

  6. I LOVE the moby wrap, I've worn mine out I've used it so many times. from walking around at the Calgary stampede-so baby can see whats going on, to walking around with her when she was still new born when she wouldn't stop crying. She and I MAY have gone sledding once or twice with it on. *don't worry it was a small hill*

  7. I like the look of the Sakura. Very stylish. But I have heard great things about the Maya…


  8. my fav product from pookababy is the moby UV wrap! what a great idea! when i get my wrap i would be going out to walk the dog or take a quick trip across the road to the mall and i would feel great knowing my little man is protected from the sun 🙂

  9. The Ergobaby carrier is fantastic – that is my favorite product!

    Thank you for holding this wonderful giveaway.

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