Solving Teething Troubles with Munch Mitt

This week we celebrated a little milestone around the Little Miss Kate household.  Baby Roo is not a toothless monster anymore, she proudly had one tooth!  Now I have been VERY lucky with my kids with teething, we have rarely long nights of crying or needing to turn to medication to help with teething pain.  What my kids did seem to need to cope with teething is to chew chew chew!  Doesn’t matter if it is a toy, her hands or her personal favourite MY hands, they all go in her mouth…  nom nom nom

how to help a teething baby chewing on hands Munch mitt baby teether review photo
I was excited that Baby Roo had the opportunity to try Munch Mitt, a silicone teether that your baby can wear in there own hand to chew on to help with teething pain.  I was hopeful that this teether would save her hands and mine from hours of chewing.  As parents, we have all played the game toss the toy on the ground and watch mommy or daddy pick it up or been in the car when your little one has tossed all of there toys out of the car seat and start to cry because they have nothing to play with.  Munch Mitt helps parents solve all of these problems!

Munch mitt baby teether review photo
Munch Mitt is little mitt that your baby can wear on either hand with a Velcro closure.  With the bright colours, contrasting patterns, and “crinkle” sounds Baby Roo enjoys chomping on her mitt while we are at home or on the go.  Now instead of chomping on her hands and making them raw, her little fingers are protected but she can self sooth and help decrease teething pain using counter pressure.  teethers for teething pain munch mitt review photo

Munch mitt baby teether review

Get the Munch Mitt dirty? You can easily clean your mitt by wiping it down or toss it in the laundry using the cloth laundry bag (just hang to dry).  Have a little one who likes to chew but does not have the coordination to hold toys yet?  The Munch Mitt is perfect for them too as it will stay on.  With older babies like Roo who is not 7 months old, they may be able to work them off their hands however by that stage they are able to hang on to the mitt to enjoy it that way too.

Munch mitt baby teether review baby teething mitten photo

Want to see it in action?  Here is my video review for he Munch Mitt where you can see just how Baby Roo enjoys the mitt.

Parents,teething does not have to be scary!  Let your baby happily chomp away on their Munch Mitt rather then your fingers!  

Disclosure:   I am taking part in the Munch Mitt Teething Mitt blog  campaign. While I have received compensation as part of my affiliation with this program, the opinions shared are my own.

10 thoughts on “Solving Teething Troubles with Munch Mitt”

  1. I was always hoping something like this would come out when my now 4 year old was an infant. I will definitely keep this in mind for then next baby one day. So innovative, and yet so simple. Love it!

  2. ROO is far to cute! I have never heard of these before my sister bought them for her son. They are awesome! He was too young to grasp things properly when he cut his first tooth, but these mitts allow them to do just that! I love the texture and that they are washable! Wish they had been around when my kids were little!

  3. Everyday I see cool new baby accessories! I’m going to look for these for a few little Teethers that I know!

  4. This is so cool and absolutely brilliant! I wish they had something like this when my son was teething 🙂

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