8 thoughts on “How to Prevent Heat Stroke – What to look for on those sunny hot days”

  1. great reminders i know sometimes we get busy enjoying outside, I have had heatstroke and its horrible, I wouldnt want my daughter to suffer

  2. I’ve suffered from heat stroke twice myself so it’s good to be reminded of these and what to watch for in our kids. They don’t know what’s happening so its harder for them to communicate it! Thanks for sharing these symptoms and tips. 🙂

  3. Great reminder with the warmer weather (I hope!) coming in!! Kids are so difficult because they don’t know when to tell you they are hurting! Lots of water, time outs in the shade and occasional check ins are my way of controlling heat stroke!

  4. I love your point about teaching kids to listen to their body! So important! Looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Little Bear is entirely adorable in these pics! <3 Thanks for the reminders and symptoms of what to look for hun! I'm really looking forward to bringing the nephew out to the park sometime soon, and the last thing I'd want for him is a heat stroke while we play! 🙂 Will remember to bring lots of fluids now, lol.

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