The HUGE List Of Free Knitted Hat Patterns For Boys

If you love to knit and are looking for a great variety of FREE Knitted Hat Patterns For Boys then look no further.  Sometimes when looking for knitting ideas it seems like so many of them are focused on girls, as a mom of 2 boys I thought I would put together a list of free patterns that they would love.   Boys enjoy getting handmade gifts that you make, or you can even teach them how to create their own project.  Here you will find over 60+ Free knitted hat patterns for boys that would make great gifts or fun summer break projects. If you want to branch out to more knitting then just hats, head on over to the HUGE list of Knitting Patterns for Boys including blankets, toys, clothes and more!

The HUGE List Of Free Knitted Hat Patterns For Boys

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Canada Knit Toque with matching Mittens – This hat and mitten site would be perfect for the whole family.  From cheering on Team Canada at the Olympics to having fun tobogganing, this is adorable set is one that everyone will love.  Seriously, who would like to make me a set?

Team Pride Hat – Celebrate you pride in your favourite sports team by making this easy to knit hat in their team colours.  Yarn comes in every colour imaginable, so just match to the team you cheer for and show your team spirit.  This hat would look great in Toronto Blue jays Blue and white!

Yoda Hat – Star Wars is popular in my house right now, I feel like there are daily light saber battles. This Yoda hat can be used as part of a costume, or would be a great gift for a Star Wars fan.

Fair-Isle Hat – a beautiful pattern that is easily adapted for sizes ranging from babies to adults.  A fun project to testout different colour combinations of yarn.


Cisco Hat – I feel like getting your child to wear (and keep on) their hat would be a LOT easier if it was as colourful and cool looking as this one.  The ear flaps will also make sure that small ears stay nice and warm.

Ribbed Knit Hat – This classic hat can be made in any combination of colours.  The generous stretch allows it to grow with the child over more then one season.  It can be worn with the brim folded or unfolded depending on size and head shape giving it even more flexibility.

Free Knitted Hat Patterns For Boys - MineCraft Creeper Hat Pattern via

Minecraft Creeper Hat – Talk of MineCraft starts young these days!  The Minecraft game has exploded to be something so much more then game to build your own little world  in.  Your Minecraft fan is sure to love this free knitted hat pattern for a Creeper Hat.

Picked out a project?  Now it is time to go shopping for yarn!

Easy Free Knitted Hat patterns For Boys

Just starting out with knitting?  Then with one of these easy free knitted hat patterns for boys.  Build up your skill set and confidence and then move on to some of the more complicated patterns

Box Stitch Knit Hat

Cozy Hat

Easy Stripped Hat

Two-Tone Hat

Preemie Hats

Rolled-Brim Hat

Jack-o-Latnern Hat

Seed Stitch Beenie

Coral Reef Hat

High Woods Hat

Simple Knit Hat with pompom

Free Knitted Hat patterns For Boys – Superheros, Star Wars & More

Have a superhero fan?  Here is an awesome set of free Superhero Knitted Hat patterns including Avengers, Star Wars, Transformers, Pokemon and Justice League.

Captain America Hat

Minions and Evil Minions Hats

R2D2 Beanie

Transformers Toque

S.H.I.E.L.D. Insignia

Batman Hat

Team Captain America Hat

Team Stark Iron man Hat

Pokemon Hat

Superman Hat


More Free Knitted Hat Patterns For Boys

Pixie Hat

Fair Isle Hat

Monster Hat

Cat in the Hat from Dr. Suess Hat

Oscar the Grouch Hat

Elmo Hat

Bear Beanie

Acorn Hat for Toddlers

Gnome Hat

Mohawk Hat

Tasmanian Devil Hat From Looney Tunes


Free Knitted Animal Hat Patterns For Boys

Looking for animal themed knitted hat ideas?  Check out these adorable ideas.

Fishy Hat

Zebra Hat

Peek-a-boo Hat with eyes

Penguin Hat

Tiger Hat

Tiger Paw Print Hat

Shark Hat

Hippo Hat

Sock Monkey Hat

Puppy Hat

Free Knitted Hat Patterns with Earflaps

Want to make sure that ears stay nice and toasty, but still look fashionable, then check these free knitting patterns out.

Pumpkin Hat

Skull Hat

Fox Hat

Stripped Earflap Hat

Frankenstein Hat

Easy Earflap Hat

Cable Patten Hat with Pompom

Earflap with Brim Hat

Green Lantern Hat

Star Trek Spock Touque


Free Knitted Hat Patterns with Matching Mittens

All of these hat and mitten sets would make great gift ideas for Christmas time

Jester Hat with scarf and mittens

Snowflake Hat with mitten pattern that can be customized to finger-less mittens

Stripped Hat and Fingerless Mitts

Child’s Hat and Mitten set

Ribbed Hat and Mitten Set

Seed Stitch Hat and Mitten Set


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