Save Your Sanity – Leak-Proof Sippy Cup Playtex Playtime Cups


As a busy mom I need products that make my life easier, not harder.  So when I take the kids out and toss a sippy cup into my purse or diaper bag I need to be able to trust that it will not leak all over my wallet, cell phone or spare clothes.  Because no one likes reaching into a bag only to find a soppy mess inside.  And we have put cups to the test here, but once I found the Straw Playtex Playtime Sippy Cups our search stopped and we use them daily with all of our kids.

no leak sippy straw cup playtex playtime cup

The Playtex Playtime cups come in 2 styles: spout and my favourite the straw.  With Twist ‘n Click technology you know when you have the lid tightened to ensure there are no leaks around the rim.  The straw cups also feature a sliding closure that covers the straw to keep it clean and prevent any leaks from the straw as well.

no leak sippy cup playtex playtime straw cups

For hot days the double walled insulated cups help keep drinks cold while we play outside.   These cups are available in a variety of styles including Thomas the Tank Engine, Batman, My Little Pony and Superman (available only at Walmart).

no leak sippy cup playtex playtime cup

the best no leak sippy straw cup playtex playtime cup

Packing Monkey’s lunch everyday I include a Playtex Straw Sippy cup to hold his water for the day.  I am proud to day that it is almost the end of the school year and we have never had a leak.  I wish these cups were around when I was little, they would have saved me and my mom soggy lunch bags.  Take a look at this video to see how these cups work and how easy it is to enjoy leak proof sippy cups!

Moms love the Playtex Playtime Cups because they work well and do not leak, kids love them because they are easy to use and having their favourite characters on them.  Have you ever had a sippy cup leakage disaster?  Share  your story in the comments below.


18 thoughts on “Save Your Sanity – Leak-Proof Sippy Cup Playtex Playtime Cups”

  1. Oh AWESOME! It’s such a simple thing, but we’re having this epic ordeal with the older nephew’s sippy cups leaking the way he tilts them. Also he’s a nut for comic superheroes, so he’d love the design! 🙂

  2. kristen visser

    my husband would totally want our daughters to have the batman sippy cup lol. ill have to keep these in mind while looking for our next one 🙂

  3. I have a drawerful of sippy cups that all leaked or had some problem with them. So, these ones sound much improved and I will have to try them!

  4. Jodi Mitrovic

    I love all the fun characters available and being able to trust that they will not leak is invaluable! Thanks for an awesome review! I’ll have to pick some up for our little guy!

  5. The Playtex Playtime Cups sound great. It’s nice to find a cup that doesn’t leak. I would definitely purchase these sippy cups. Thank you for sharing this review.

  6. We just picked up 2 of the My little Pony sippy cups….one to have at Grandmas house and one for home!

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