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Naked Nursing Tank Review – Great gift for nursing mothers

You may have heard me complain before about the lack of selection of clothes available for nursing moms.  Here is why:  I have been wearing nursing tops over twice as long as I wore maternity clothes when I was pregnant with A.C.  Now think about where you buy maternity/nursing clothes, maybe you shop at Thyme or Motherhood… Think about the store layout the racks upon racks of maternity clothes in all styles for home or the office.  Now think about the nursing section, the lonely rack at the back of the store with limited selection that is really meant for lounging home, not for going out anywhere.  As a nursing mom it is FRUSTRATING!!!


Wearing the tank under a regular shirt

Now some people will say you done need nursing  tops but I would counter that – weather I was pumping in the NICU in A.C.’s early days or we were going to our local playgroup I wanted to be comfortable anywhere I was nursing without having to worry about showing off too much.  However the lack of selection and the cost of nursing tops can be limiting to the wardrobe.

Well the Naked Nursing Tank has come to my rescue!  This tank top is designed to layer with any of your regular shirts to make nursing simple and easy while keeping you covered up.  No more worry about showing off your midsection while nursing.
I was really impressed with how comfortable tank was, and loved the length as it easily layered over the top of my pants.  It was form fitting to sit nicely under any top I was wearing, and not too hot.  It was such a treat to wear some of my favorite tops and still be able to nurse A.C. without showing off too much skin.
The Naked Nursing Tank is made in Canada from a rayonBamboo blend that is super soft.  It was comfortable to wear and washed up really nicely. Available in several sizes in black and white to coordinate with any outfit.
So easy to nurse A.C. – no skin showing!
The Naked Nursing Tank is a great solution if you want to wear your “regular” clothes while nursing on the go.  Use this one tank to simply convert your whole wardrobe into nursing wear.  This tanks is also great for pumping mothers, as pumping in this would be a breeze (and trust me not all nursing tops are good for pumping).  The Naked Nursing Tank offers great value for your investment and has allowed me to open up my closet and pick out any top to wear out and about with A.C.
Naked Nursing Tank (no this is not me, I am not nearly that thin!)

You can buy the[easyazon_link identifier=”B076RMSC3Y” locale=”CA” tag=”litmiskat-20″]Naked Nursing Tank[/easyazon_link] online, or if you would like to see them in person, check out their many retailers.

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18 thoughts on “Naked Nursing Tank Review – Great gift for nursing mothers”

  1. That is awesome! Little One self-weaned at 18 months (totally the saddest day of my life!!). I will keep this in mind if/when we have #2 and I will also share this with other breastfeeding mamas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wish I needed something like this. We had to bottle feed my last son. So sad. I wish breastfeeding would have worked for us. God knows I tried. Thanks for sharing anyways.

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