The Diaper Bag You Want Even After You Are Done With Diapers – Oemi Baby Bag Review

When I was pregnant with my first child I spent hours in baby stores looking for the perfect diaper bag. I wanted something stylish that didn’t scream diaper bag from across the room yet sturdy enough to handle the inevitable spills and abuse. I went through 3 bags the first year and lamented my decisions every time, not enough pockets, too small, to cheaply made (even though I paid an arm and a leg). When I received the [easyazon_link identifier=”B017TLXK5Y” locale=”CA” tag=”litmiskat-20″]Oemi Leather Diaper Bag[/easyazon_link] in the mail I was immediately struck by the quality and style of this bag. It fit my desire to a T.  Her e my Oemi Baby Bag Review and I will tell you everything I loved (and didn’t love) about this bag, read on!  And if you are thinking of this as a baby shower gift, I will give you a hint a diaper bag makes my top 5 gift ideas for a first time mom.

The Diaper Bag You Want Even After You Are Done With Diapers – Oemi Baby Bag Review

leather diaper bag - The Diaper Bag You Want Even After You Are Done With Diapers - Oemi Baby Bag Review

The wide removable shoulder strap doesn’t dig into your shoulder and cause pain once you have a little weight in your bag. Having two large exterior pockets in addition to the interior pockets made my water bottle and sunglasses easily accessible.

This bag works for everyday, every, single, day.alternative to traditional diaper bag leather diaper bag - Oemi Diaper Bag review

I decided to load it up and carry it around for a week. I took a few photos of everything I fit inside with ample room to spare to toss in the toy dinosaur we never leave home without or a few coloring books and markers.

Best Leather Diaper Bag

diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag - Oemi Diaper Bag review

I even put a book for myself, not shown, like any mother has time to read while on the road with baby but I’m an eternal optimist and occasionally get caught with a sleeping baby in the back seat.

The only feedback I have for the makers as part of my Oemi Baby Bag Review is I wished the carrying handles folded all the way down when I was using the shoulder strap, like the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00SVNPHGA” locale=”CA” tag=”litmiskat-20″]Grey Oemi Diaper Bag[/easyazon_link] does, but it’s such a small critique it wouldn’t prevent me from buying a bag and clearly, highly recommending it any mom.  And the creators listened and all 3 versions of the Oemi Bag available on Amazon have handles that fold flat!

Oemi Baby Bag Review

leather diaper bag that holds alot - Oemi Diaper Bag review

For me, I love the brown Oemi Baby Bag and they certainly have the done the tone perfectly but if it’s not for you they make it in a few different colour options and if I was feeling bold I might even have chosen the Icelandic blue for a little bit of wow factor.oemi baby bag Review

As you can probably already tell I love this bag because it works for my life now but I can see it well into my future as well. The best part was getting positive comments from strangers who would not believe it was a diaper bag when I told them. So look no further this may just be the bag for you. Check them out at Oemi Baby to decided for yourself.stylish leather diaper bag - oemi baby bag Review

Where to Buy A Oemi Baby Baby Bag?

Have it delivered right to your door

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”B00SVNPHGA” locale=”CA” src=”https://theexploringfamily.comwp-content/uploads/2018/04/41tACQs4J8L.SL160.jpg” tag=”litmiskat-20″ width=”140″]   [easyazon_image align=”none” height=”118″ identifier=”B017TLXK5Y” locale=”CA” src=”https://theexploringfamily.comwp-content/uploads/2018/04/41LRC8my7TL.SL160.jpg” tag=”litmiskat-20″ width=”160″]   [easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”B017TLXL30″ locale=”CA” src=”https://theexploringfamily.comwp-content/uploads/2018/04/512BgNZiGHUL.SL160.jpg” tag=”litmiskat-20″ width=”160″]


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Post contributed by Araya Adventures – a Vancouver Island based, wildly adventurous, free spirited family of four. This momma keeps herself busy working as a registered paediatric nurse, freelance writer and planning vacations for her tribe to explore the world.

Disclosure:  This post was brought to you by Oemi baby.  All opinions are strictly our own.


151 thoughts on “The Diaper Bag You Want Even After You Are Done With Diapers – Oemi Baby Bag Review”

  1. It is tough to choose one colour, but I think that I would go with Icelantic Blue. My must have is wet/dry bags.

  2. The Grey is gorgeous! My must haves are not only the diaper/wipes, but extra clothes are always needed!

    ….and sunscreen 🙂

  3. I like the grey bag the best. Besides diapers and wipes, I like to make sure I have a wet bag for anything icky, sticky or wet. 🙂

  4. kristen visser

    I love the BROWN one 🙂 and my number one thing to carry in my diaper bag (besides diapers and wipes) is a change of clothes and hand sanitizer wipes

  5. I am liking the brown Oemi bag the best. Very nice. A must have would be a change of clothes and wipes.

  6. I would chose a grey bag, a must have is diaper wipes, they can be used for much more than changing diapers

  7. Bailey Dexter

    I would love to use the brown distressed aniline leather! I never leave the house with the mini first aid kit!

  8. I’d go with the grey for sure and we always carry an Itouch filled with kids shows in the diaper bag so we can let our little guy watch his shows when he’s upset, In The Night Garden always calms him down lol

  9. Jodi Mitrovic

    Oh… I love all of the Oemi Bags but would pick Grey so Hubby would feel good carrying it too lol! My diaper bag must have right now is bibs bibs and more bibs. My LO is at the teething/drooling stage and they’re a must for on the go! Thank-you for an awesome review and giveaway!

  10. I love the Icelantic blue bag !!! My must have diaper bag item would be baby wipes for sure! Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  11. Cady Bisschop

    I like the look of the brown bag best. The Icelandic Blue is very pretty though!
    A must for the diaper bag ( besides the obvious diapers and wipes) is a second outfit. You never know when an accident is around the corner.

  12. I love the brown one, and my diaper bag must have is spare socks, found out the hard way that not having them sucks!

  13. I like the brown the best (I LOVE it!!) and my number 1 must have in my diaper bag is wipes. Even when my little one gets out of diapers I know I will still continue to carry wipes in my diaper bag because they are useful for so much more than just diaper changes.

  14. I love the brown bag…and the one thing I always have to have is diapers and wipes, of course!

  15. Gillian Morgan

    I like the grey Oemi baby bag. Wipes are the one thing I always have to have in the diaper bag and purse.

  16. I like the traditional brown leather, it will only look better with age. And my must have item is a soother!

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  18. This would be a gift for a long awaited baby and so I would choose Icelandic Blue and I guess his Mom would choose her own must haves-including some sort of diaper rash cream.

  19. I would love the Grey bag and my “must haves” are diapers and (can’t leave home without it) blankie!

  20. I think the brown one looks the best.
    There’s so many pocket which is very useful, keeps everything organized. Brown goes with every outfits.

  21. I would choose the brown. My essentials are spare clothes as well as diapers, wipes, drinks and snacks.

  22. i love the brown! my number 1 must have is diapers 🙂 but i also don’t leave the house without wipes, extra clothes, pacifiers, a breast feeding cover, a changing mat, and a few muslin blankets

  23. Kimberley Buckton

    I love the original brown color. But I also really like the Icelandic Blue. My must have diaper bag item is wet wipes. They are so multi purpose that you can use them for anything. For kleenex, wiping shopping carts, a quick wipe down, diaper changes, face wipes for mom and baby etc

  24. I would love the brown/saddle color. I always carry wipes. Adults need to sanitize more before touching babies skin!

  25. I love the Icelantic Blue color! Aside from diapers and wipes, I say always having some snacks in your bag is a must have for me!

  26. I am loving the LIMITED EDITION BAG – ICELANTIC BLUE color! My number one must have in my diaper bag is wipes!!

  27. My favorite color for this awesome bag is the brown!! My must have in my bag is diaper wipes. They have many uses!!

  28. I love the original caramel brown oemi bag! Aside from diapers and wipes- coconut oil is my preferred essential for a natural baby bottom moisturizer instead of store bought processed creams.

  29. I am in love with the grey bag, the blue is also very pretty. I never pack a diaper bag without extra wipes and ziploc bags. I use ziploc bags for everything, dirty diapers if there is no place to discard immediately, wet clothes, bottles, electronics in case of rain or spills, dry clothes. There are endless uses for wipes and ziploc bags.

  30. I would choose the Brown bag. The number one thing in my bag, aside from diapers and wipes, is a Binkie.

  31. I like the icelantic blue.You MUST have a full change of weather appropriate clothing in your bag cuz stuff happens

  32. Charissa Mason

    I’d love the original brown bag!!!!
    And wipes and my #1 item to carry!!! They fix everything!!!!

  33. I love the both but the both , but id like the brown , an you alway need spare clothes , diapers , wipes and snacks

  34. I love the brown back. As a cloth diapering mom, I need a bag with enough room to carry fews spares, a wet bag and my reusable wipes.

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