Get Rid of Hair Around Your House – Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum Review


With the warmer weather arriving it is time to get into spring cleaning mode.  You know do the DEEP clean that only happens once or twice a year!  This year my floors are going to be sparkling clean thanks to the Dyson Cinetic Turbinehead Animal Vacuum.  Since moving out or my parents house almost 15 years ago I have owned several vacuums, none of which I have loved until now.  With each vacuum that I have owned I have learned about the features I like, and more importantly the ones I hated.  My first lesson was that I HATE vacuums with bags.   My first vacuum used bags, and it would lose suction power as the bag became full and I would either forget to buy more bags or had a hard time finding the right ones.  When it was time to replace that vacuum it was a no brainer to move to a canister vacuum.  Now with canisters vacuums you just empty them as you clean, no need to mess around with bags. However with most canister vacuums you still need to wash the filters to keep your vacuum running smoothly.  Well no more! Dyson can created a canister vacuum that won’t lose suction and using oscillating tips to separate the dust you never need to wash a filter again!  The Dyson Cinetic DC78 is available in 2 models: Turbinehead and Turbinehead Animal depending on your needs.

Dyson Cinetic DC78 turbinehead Animal Vacuum Review

Don’t be fooled by the sleek design of the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Vacuum, this vacuum is ready to take on tough cleaning jobs and help you keep your house in order (or at least your floors clean!).  Here are some of the features that I love:

  • Excellent maneuverability and adjustable vacuum wand length
  • No bags to buy, no filters to clean
  • Retractable power cord
  • Easy to empty canister with a push of a button
  • Powerful vacuum with large bin capacity, so you pick up more dirt  but don’t need to empty as often

Dyson Cinetic canister vacuum turbinehead Animal Vacuum Review

The Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum comes with several heads so you are able to clean any surface with ease.  Unique to the Turbinehead Animal the tangle-free turbine tool and groom tool will help you clean up pet hair (or human hair) with ease.  The groom tool allows you to attach a pet brush directly to the vacuum so that as you brush your pet the hair is sucked directly into the vacuum leaving no mess behind after a grooming session.  Wondering if a dog will really let you groom them with a vacuum?  Check out how Shannon’s dog Bella did.

Dyson Cinetic DC78 turbinehead Animal Vacuum head tools

Ever get annoyed at all the hairs wrapped around the brush bar of your vacuum?  That is where the tangle-free turbine tool comes in.  As someone with long hair I always wind up with hair all twisted around the brush bar of my vacuum.  But using this tool I was able to vacuum my bathroom, and there was not a single hair left behind in the bristles of the tool.   I am impressed!

Want to see the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum in action and find out more about it, then watch this video review where I demonstrate the many features and go over the attachments that come with the vacuum.


The Dyson Cinetic DC78 retails for $699.99 and the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Animal retails for $799.99. At first glace that may seem a bit pricey, but remember that these vacuums come with a 4 year warranty that covers parts and labour.  It is worth investing in a quality vacuum that is going to last, rather then having to replace it every few years.  You can purchase directly from DysonCanada  or from retailers across Canada.  OK time for me to get back to my cleaning, with 3 kids under 5 it is a never ending battle!


20 thoughts on “Get Rid of Hair Around Your House – Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum Review”

  1. No bags to buy, no filters to clean a vacuum after my own heart! I still use a vacuum that requires bags (insert sad face) they’re gross and dirty and hardly available to purchase. It becoming more and more evident that it’s time for an upgrade and the Dyson DC78 would fit in nicely in our home! Great review!

    1. Don’t you hate trying to find the right ones to fit your vacuum? Stores only seem to carry a limited amount and even when I found the one I needed half the time it would be sold out…

  2. WOW!! Look at all the attachments! I have a few friends with dogs who could use this one for sure. We have guinea pigs and they are mesh enough but they don’t generate the hair that dogs and cats do. I like the look of this vacuum and will consider it if we ever need a new one. I agree it is a pain in the neck to find the bags for vacuums. I like it better when there is just a canister or reservoir to empty periodically.

  3. LOVE the Dyson Animal Vacuum! I got to play with it a bit at a conference. The groomer tools are AMAZING!! Hopefully, one day I’ll have one of my very own!
    I have a constantly shedding dog. Not just seasonally (although it worsens) he sheds ALL THE TIME!

    1. We don’t have a dog, but both my Mom and MIL do and are always trying to clean up the hair. I think this would make it much easier.

  4. Great review and great job on your video. We love our kitty Tigress but her hair, not so much. My nephew and siblings are all allergic to cat hair so we have to do a really good job of cleaning up before having them over. This looks like an awesome product.

    1. Thanks, I love having being able to actually show how things work, and this vacuum did such a great job I couldn’t not make a video to highlight all the features

  5. I have always wanted a Dyson animal. Love that it worked so well – I really need to convince my hubby to buy me one 🙂

  6. I love love love Dyson. We bought one 10 years ago when my son was diagnosed with asthma. Works amazing. I use the thing at least 2times day and now it is slowly dying. I need a new one!

  7. I’ve used so many different vacuums over the years, whether at my house or a friends/relatives house…..absolutely nothing compares to a Dyson. The maneuverability is impressive!
    And the fact there is no bag to change is such a bonus!

  8. I have a Dyson stick vacuum and for our home, it is perfect. And so convenient to use. And I tend to vacuum more often.

  9. I just gir this vacum the Dyson cenetic and the hair is wrapping around the main turbine with silk bristles after one room I hadto cut the hair out! Debating if should return and just repair my old Dyson that worked great

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