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Infant Massage Classes in Brampton – Relaxation is Key

Everyone loves a good massage, even babies.  Infant massage is a great way to relax and connect with your baby.  But HOW to actually do an infant massage is a different question.  Luckily there are FREE Infant massage classes in Brampton to help you learn how to give your baby a relaxing massage

FREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton

Benefits of Infant Massage:

Infant massage is a great way to help baby relax, and ease any discomfort they may be feeling such as teething or digestion issues. Infant massage show benefits to skin sensitivity, circulatory system, muscular/skeletal system, and digestive system. Infant massage can be especially helpful if your baby is colic, Visanytha teaches a colic relief routine to help babies feel more comfortable.

Infant massage also helps you develop a stronger bond with your baby as touch is a way to express love and care for your baby. Bridgeway centre offers a 4 week massage therapy program that runs every Monday at 2:15pm and you sign up for a 4 week session for FREE. This program is designed for babies who are not yet mobile. For the full list of 52 activities to do on Maternity Leave.

What does the course include? What is taught?

Infant Massage Classes in Brampton – Each week the course instructor Visanytha goes through an explains each technique of massage and watches you try it on your baby and then offers helpful advice on how to improve your technique or any steps you missed. Each week focuses on a different part of the body. The centre provides each participant with their own container of massage oil that is kept at the centre for you each week, you also receive a handout each week outlining the massage techniques that you learned.

I completed the course when Aria was 2 months old, and she really enjoyed being touched and massaged and would often sleep better that evening. I also met another mom who we joked that her son was Aria’s new boyfriend. This was back in April, and just last week we went back to the Bridgeway Centre for stroller fit and Aria was reunited with her baby love! The mom recognized us right away and we started chatting and catching up on how they have changed… so from simply trying something new I was able to build a connection with another family.

Free Infant Massage Classes in Brampton


FREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - Legs and feet infant massage


FREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - stomach infant massage FREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - stomach infant massage colic relief routine


FREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - arms infant massageFREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - chest infant massage



FREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - face infant massageFREE Infant Massage Classes in Brampton - back infant massage
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If your interested in the Infant Massage Classes in Brampton, contact the Bridgeway Centre for more information and when the next session begins.

180 Sandalwood Parkway East, Unit #8C
Brampton, Ontario
L6Z 4N2
Phone: 905-495-3430
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