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Creditview Park Brampton – Fully Accessible Park

About 1.5 years ago the City of Brampton announced they were building a new park to revival Ching Park, I was beyond excited as I knew I wanted kids at that point and that its location would be ideal to where I live in West Brampton. Creditview Activity Hub Brampton is located on the West side of Brampton at the corner of Creditview and Sandalwood. Creditview Park has existed since 2004 with sports fields but now they have added an activity hub expansion. The Creditview Activity Hub was created with a water cycle theme and is a fully accessible play structure that has inclusive play elements for children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Creditview Park is one of the Best Parks in Brampton and is wheelchair friendly making it easy for all to enjoy!

Wheelchair Accessible Park: Accessible Playgrounds in Ontario

If you have ever tried to push a wheelchair through gravel or sand, you would know how difficult it is, which makes accessibility to certain parks an issue. Unfortunately there are few accessible playgrounds in Ontario, Creditview Park is one of its kind as it is more than 100 acres in size and is the first park in Brampton to be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act. As a teacher who works with children with special needs, I know first hand how important it is to have a space that is accessible for children and people with a disability.

Every kid deserves to be able to play and access play equipment that is accessible and meets the needs of those children with special needs. Creditview Park provides accessible, sensory stimulation and tactile play opportunities for the children of Brampton. The playground has a large inclusive structure for toddlers, and a bigger playground for older children ages 3-12 years. The playground is surrounded by a paved perimeter pathway making it easy to push a wheelchair and the playground uses artificial turf and rubberized play area making it easy to push a wheelchair on it. The park has features like the rocking boat that has a wheelchair ramp and there are wheelchair ramps located through out the park to due with changes in elevation making it easier for children to navigate from place to place.

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Creditview Park – Best Park in Brampton

Creditview park includes many features including:

Sports Fields:

Creditview Park includes eight mini soccer fields, two cricket/soccer combo fields, one junior cricket field, two lit football/soccer combo fields, two lit lacrosse/soccer combo fields, four soccer fields (three of which are lit), and two lit artificial turf, FIFA-approved soccer fields.


Splash Pads in Brampton:

The Creditview Park splash pad is fully accessible and features spray elements that follow the water cycle theme. While I did enjoy the splash pad which had many unique sprayers, I wished the splash pad area was a little bigger as it became very crowded with kids running around. A cool  environmentally friendly feature that the splash pad has is that the nature pond located right beside the splash pad captures the water run off and recycles it to irrigate the adjacent soccer fields. The splash pad does also have a large shade shelter nearby and some picnic tables with umbrellas where you could have a picnic lunch.


accessible park

First Fully Accessible Park in Brampton: Creditview Park

The playground climber is structured in a way to offer age progressive play areas throughout the site, as play areas for toddlers and big kids are separated making it safer for children of different ages to play. The playground offers  wheelchair accessible equipment such as swings, and the sway ship. The playground has accessible benches and picnic tables as well fully accessible surfacing. My favorite feature of the playground is that the grass was artificial turf so it never gets muddy and the play areas were rubberized to decrease the amount of injuries. The playground included swings for babies, toddlers and big kids, slides, many different webbed climbers, and climbing walls.

Creditview Hub has activities to engage children of all ages as there is a basketball court, bounce wall, 4-square, hopscotch and even sand tables. The outdoor activity areas are clearly marked with the lines necessary to play each game and are brightly colored to be engaging and inviting. I appreciated that Creditview Hub was not just a playground but had the play space to encourage kids to play many different games and activities outdoors, it reminded me of school playgrounds. Now I am a teacher and know that four square is one of the favorite games in the junior grades at recess.

Brampton Trails: Perfect for Walking, Running, Biking and Strollers

This park has 3km that connect to surrounding Trans Canada nature trails and are going to be upgraded to asphalt by end of 2018.  Similar to Ching Park there is also a fitness loop that has many fitness stations located around the park for residents to use. Trails in Brampton such as those in Creditview park offer residents the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in their community.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the new Creditview Park and all that it has to offer for kids and adults. Now Ching Park does have mini golf, paddle boats, animals and a wading pool which are key differences, however I think Id rather save myself the 20 minute commute across Brampton and enjoy Creditview Activity Hub. I think that it is great that Brampton now has two major recreational areas to service the growing population of Brampton. So if your bored and want to checkout a fun park and live in the West than Creditview Activity Hub may be for you.

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