Peel Village Park in Brampton

Peel Village Park Brampton Parks – splash pad, tennis courts

The City of Brampton has so many fun parks all across the city.  Brampton Parks offer a variety of activities for people of all ages and include everything from nature trails to playgrounds and splash pads.  The recently opened Creditview Park focuses in being an accessible park for people of all abilities.  Of course one of the most well known parks in Brampton is Chinguacousy Park

This Brampton Park Hopping Series will help you get to know more of the great outdoor spaces in the city of Brampton.  Peel Village Park offers a a splash pad, playground, sand pit, tennis courts and even outdoor staking in the winter.

If you have ever been looking for things to do in Brampton today there are no shortages of outdoor spaces to explore.  Lets take a deeper look at Peel Village Park in Brampton.

Where is Peel Village Park Brampton?

Peel Village Park is located in the heart of Peel village near shoppers world and the intersection of highway 10 and Steeles avenue. The Peel village Park is a quaint little Park nestled in the center of the residential area known as Peel village in Brampton.


What play structures and activities are at the Peel Village Park?


This park features 2 playground structures, a sand play area, swings, tennis courts, a splash pad in the summertime and a skating rink in the winter. There is one smaller and one larger play structure, to ensure that there are slides and activities for all ages.
The smaller play structure has two slides and two different ways to climb up including one small staircase which makes it easy for toddlers and those just learning to walk to still be able to enjoy the slides.


The larger play structure also includes slides but also have a chain link ladder, monkey bars and more. The play structures are surrounded by a wood chip base.


Peel Village Park
Located right beside the playground is a sand pit area that has a built-in structure with two basins and a chute. Bring your own sand toys for hours of fun building sand castles, and creative imaginary play.  Even without your own toys or shovels kids still enjoy playing in the sand and often you will see kids sharing sand toys and building together in the sand area.


Peel village Park has six swings – 3 regular swings, 2 infant swings, and 1 special needs swing.


Peel Village Splash Pad Brampton

The splash pad is located adjacent to the playground and sand area. This makes it easy to watch the entire playground area if you have kids playing in different sections of the park. The splash pad has dumping buckets and many other water features that kids love running through and having fun in.
For details on the opening dates an hours of operation of the splash pad visit the city of Brampton website. Check out our Full Guide to Splash Pads in Brampton and Georgetown.


Generally it is open 10am-8pm 7 days a week in the summer if the weather is over 17oC.  To activate the splash pad you just put your hands on top of the sensor that is at the side of the splash pad and the water features will activate for a timed period.



During that time that they are on they will alternate with different sprinklers and water features for children (and adults) to engage with. When they stop you just put your hands on the sensor again to start the fun all over.


There are lots of benches around the swings playground sand and splash pad areas.

How do you get to Peel Village Park Brampton?

In order to get to Peel Village Park you need to enter through one of the entrances around the perimeter of the park, the park is located in the center of a residential area and there are multiple entrances from the many side streets that surround the park.  If it is off school hours you can park at St. Francis Xavier, Peel Alternative School North or Parkway Public School parking lots and then walk to the center of the park. 
Alternatively there is street parking on Melville Cres , Ferndale Cres, Watson Cres and many of the other streets that back on to the park. Many families ride bikes to the park, or bring wagons.

Where are the Peel Village tennis courts?

There are two tennis courts located in the Peel village Park. They operate on a first come first serve basis.  They ask that you keep the games to 30 minutes or less if others are waiting to use the courts. There is a picnic table located just outside the courts if you want to have a snack break or to sit on while waiting for your turn. The tennis courts are lit until 11 p.m. in the evening.


The tennis courts are located towards the path to Caledon Cres. side of the park. If you are at the playground area if you take the path that leaves from the splashpad side and continue straight you will find the tennis courts.


Where is the Peel village outdoor skating rink?

The Peel Village outdoor skating rink is located across from the tennis court area. This is an outdoor rink built and maintained by volunteers in the neighborhood. It does not have any artificial cooling and therefore is at the mercy of the weather.  It takes about a week of Sub-Zero temperatures to set up the rink.  Please be respectful of the signs posted that indicate if the rink is open or not. 
When the rink is active they do have times allotted for general skating and hockey. The hockey nets are provided you just need to bring your own sticks and pucks. There’s also a picnic table located near the hockey rink for sitting down and putting on skates. For a Full Guide to Skating in Brampton.

What is close to Peel Village Park?

Since the park is located in the center of a residential area there are no stores located super close to the park. The closest would be those located on Rambler and Kennedy Dr. or the shops at highway 10 and steeles area (Shoppers World). If you want to pick up a coffee before heading to the park you can grab Tim Hortons at shoppers world.  If you think you’re going to need snacks make sure you plan ahead before heading to the park.



The paths through Peel village Park are all paved for nice smooth bike riding or rollerblading.  You are also close to the Etobicoke Creek trail and can easily connect to further hiking trails in Brampton if desired.
There are garbage cans located throughout the park, however it should be noted there are no bathroom facilities at Peel village Park.  Next time you’re looking for a park to head out to consider Peel village Park in either the summer or the winter.   You will likely meet many friendly families and  lots of dogs out for walks.

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