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Salsa Babies (Mississauga and Brampton) – Dance your feet silly!

Do you love to dance, and move your body to the beat? Are you looking for Salsa Classes in Brampton that you can do with a baby? Were  you a dancer as a child and missing that passion you once had? Are wanting to get out of the house and be active while meeting mom friends? Do you want to try out baby dancing salsa classes?  Do you have no dance experience and two left feet? If you answered yes to any of the following then Salsa Babies is for you, as it is a mom and baby dance class.  I had a chance to try out Salsa Baby Classes at the Salsa Baby Demo Day last spring and loved it, it was one of my favourite parent and baby classes.  Dance like no one is watching and set yourself free to take a risk and have some fun! Check out the whole list of  Activities to do on Maternity Leave in Brampton.

Salsa Tots Mississauga

We are super lucky in the Greater Toronto Area that Salsa Baby Classes are run in both Mississauga and Brampton/Caledon making it convenient to all new mamas in the Peel Region.  However, Salsa Babies  has been around since 2002 and has locations across the globe. Now I have personally gotten to know both instructors Sheila and Victoria and they both are upbeat, fun and just a joy to spend an hour with during classes. Both locations offer baby salsa dancing for babies in carriers known as Salsa Babies, Salsa tots which is for toddlers, and Salsa bellies which is baby salsa in the womb as pregnant mamas get to sway the bump while enjoy these dance classes. Traditionally when parents look into signing their child up for dance classes salsa isn’t the first type of dance to come to mind, however it definitely should be as Salsa dancing is fun, and a great workout!

When are classes held? Where are classes held?

Classes are held on both weekday, weeknight and weekends depending on location to ensure that they offer flexibility for everyone’s schedules. 

Mississauga Locations:

  • Kidsapia in Erin Mills Town Centre
  • Kids KOve: 4870 Tomken Road Rd #7
  • Hello Dance: 3425 Semenyk Ct, Mississauga

Brampton/Caledon Locations

  • AXIS Dance Studio: 8 Automatic Road, Unit 6, Brampton
  • Jellybeanz: 10 Bramhurst Ave #12, Brampton
  • SWAR Taekwando: 6029 Old Church Road, Caledon

Don’t Miss Out! Sign up today as Classes are starting soon! Register for Mississauga or Brampton!


What is Salsa Babies?

Salsa babies Brampton and Mississauga

Salsa Babies is a organization that runs dance classes for all ages – starting from belly to childhood. Salsa Babies has four different programs: salsa bellies, salsa babies, salsa tots and salsa kids. Salsa dance programs are designed for those with past experience in dance, as well as those who have always wanted to learn to dance. The program is fun and offers physical fitness while learning four types of latin dance: salsa, cha cha, merengue, and bachata. Now Salsa Babies would not be a success without the talent of Ricky Franco, Canada’s latin sensation who created all of the music for Salsa dance programs. Salsa Baby is offered in both Mississauga and Brampton for those Peel Region parents who are looking for dance classes in Brampton or Mississauga for themselves with baby or there kids. 

What programs does Salsa Babies offer?

Salsa dance programs offers the following four programs, each lasting 45 minutes:

Prenatal Fitness Classes

Salsa Bellies: The program is designed for pregnant moms that allows moms to be to get a low impact workout that is safe for baby and meet some new mom friends. The program allows moms to be to make new friends and discuss the highs and lows of pregnancy. This program was created with prenatal considerations and includes a warm up, and basic latin dance steps that allow you to sway that new bump, and expose baby to gentle movements and music. These awesome prenatal classes in Brampton and Mississauga are great exercise and an alternative to traditional exercise classes. This class is designed for pregnant mamas only! Salsa Bellies offer free classes to pregnant mamas!

Free Salsa Bellies Classes:

Sway your hips and celebrate your “bump” in this low-impact yet lively dance class. Salsa Bellies™ is a great way to stay active and feel sexy throughout pregnancy, you’ll meet other moms-to-be and enjoy comparing notes about the journey of motherhood.

Specifically designed with prenatal considerations in mind, the class includes a warm-up and instruction of basic Latin dance steps including Salsa, Samba and Rhumba followed by floor exercises to help prepare the body, mind, and spirit for labour and delivery. All levels of fitness and dance experience are welcome.

Prenatal Health Screen required prior to start of class. Please remember to dress for fitness, bring water and pack dry indoor running shoes.

Let’s dance!

Mom and Baby Fitness Classes

Salsa babies Brampton - mom and baby fitness

Salsa dancing with Baby

Salsa Babies: The program is designed for moms to baby wear using baby carriers which allows them the opportunity to participate in a great workout that was designed with the safety concerns of baby in mind. Salsa dancing with baby classes introduce moms to very basic Latin steps that are built upon each class, expose babies to music which has developmental merits, and socialize with our moms – all while getting rid of  those extra pounds. This class is designed for mom and babies under 12 months old who can be carried in a baby carrier. Thumper loved Maracas so much that I went home with a set after the class.

If you interested in checking out a demo class you can check out the Salsa Baby Facebook Pages: Mississauga Salsa Babies, Brampton Salsa Babies or find the list of upcoming demos at the bottom of the page.

Personal Review of Salsa Babies Brampton/Mississauga:

Now I had the awesome opportunity to meet Sheila and Victoria who instruct Salsa programs in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. I was invited to attend the Salsa Babies Roadshow and to try out the salsa babies program, so Thumper and I agreed to attend. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big dancer and that I most definitely suffer from two left feet syndrome and lack of directional knowledge. Firstly, I really liked that the program broke the steps down to the very basics – allowing me to understand what I was doing, even if I wasn’t great at it. The instructors not only broke the steps down but were also danced with us showing the steps and how it matched to the beat of the music, making it easier to follow. I love that the program allows me to sweat and get in a good workout, all while putting Thumper to sleep in the carrier as she enjoys the movement and the music. The music is catchy and fun and makes you want to move even if you do feel like your silly!

If you are interested in signing up or want more information you can find it here: Salsa Babies

Family Dance Classes

Salsa tots Mississauga

Toddler Salsa Dancing

Salsa tots Mississauga

Salsa Tots: This class is a parent and tot program for children aged 18 months to 5 years, and requires parent involvement. Through the use of Latin music this program introduces your toddler to Latin Music, Latin culture and social norms. Salsa tots is also great for those who want to expose their children to basic dance forms of salsa, Cha Cha and Merengue. Movement, music, dance and exposure to new languages are essential to development in the early years – Salsa tots offers all of these key elements. This is a great mom and tot dance class option!

Salsa Tots Mississauga

Personal Review of Salsa Tots Mississauga:

Thumper and I love to try out new parent and tots programs and Salsa Tots was on the menu for this summers adventures. We completed the Salsa Tots program with instructor Sheila at Kidsapia which was an amazing location. This location not only offers you the awesome Salsa tots class but offers you a great location for the kids to play before or after the class. If you sign up for the class I highly recommend coming earlier and using the playground before class as its much quieter but you are also welcome to use it after class which offers a great value.

Salsa Tots Mississauga

Benefits of Signing up for the Program:

  • Your 6-week registration comes with a SALSA TOTS CD so you can practice at home, ALL DAY ACCESS TO KIDSAPIA on the days of our classes ($7/per class value if under 2, and $14 value if over 2 ), AND a 20% discount on Kidsapia’s annual membership or 10% on their quarterly membership! 
  • Of-age SIBLINGS get a 50% off discount!!! (Sibling who are babies worn in a baby carrier are FREE!)

    Salsa Tots Mississauga

Location: Salsa Tots is offered in 3 locations, we choose the Kidsapia location.

Kidsapia is located inside Erin Mills Town Centre and was a super convenient location, even driving from North West Brampton. Kidsapia is a great indoor playground that has all foam floors and is super safe especially for those little adventurers. Kidsapia is a little different then most indoor playgrounds as they actually have a height restriction as Kids must be shorter or equal to 48 inches (four feet, or 120 cm) in height to play in this area. I love this as it means that all of the children playing here are much smaller making it a great location for toddlers as you don’t have to worry about bigger children knocking them over. The staff at Kidsapia keep the location very clean and well maintained and are very on top of safety. Each child and each parent are given a numbered wrist band when they enter the playground and staff are at the door checking that the wrist bands match on the way out to ensure your child’s safety which I think is really important. This location has change tables, as well as a great area to have lunch or a snack with the kids. 

Checkout the photos below that we took while visiting Kidsapia.

Salsa Tots Mississauga

Salsa Tots Review:

Featuring original Latin music, Salsa Tots™ introduces Spanish vocabulary and combines movement and play with lively rhythms that parents and kids can both enjoy! Both Thumper and I really enjoyed our 6 week summer session with Sheila doing Salsa Tots. Firstly, the class is suitable for children 18 months – 5 years old which was perfect as she was the youngest kid in the class and still had tons of fun and even began to follow instructions by the end of the session. I enjoyed that the Salsa Tots program used the same songs every week but in a different order which allowed us to learn not only the words of the song but also the movements that went with the song. The program is great at introducing your child to language as well as beginner Spanish words are used for hello, goodbye as well as teaching the names of instruments and body parts which are needed in two different songs. Thumper’s favourite song was Shake it Baby where she got to dance around and use a maraca which is great exercise for her. I enjoyed that although the same songs were used, each class was still slightly different. Sheila did a great job of including different activities such as parachute, arts and crafts, limbo and many others into the program which kept the toddlers and preschoolers entertained and busy. I really enjoyed the music and we still play the CD in the car even now that the program is over. Sheila works really hard to offer a friendly environment for all and makes a point of not only teaching the class but connecting with each family which I think is super important and appreciated. Salsa Tots exposed children to language, music, dance, social skills, listening skills and so much more!

Please dress for physical activity, bring water and remember your SOCKS for the play place.

Salsa Tots Brampton

Salsa for Kids

Salsa Kids: This program is designed for kids aged 6-12 years old and teaches not only the basic Latin steps but introduces the concepts of tempo and rhythm while encouraging physical activity, fun and imagination. Children are exposed to different genres of Latin music, and basic Spanish is introduced through music and dance.

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Upcoming Demos:

Want to try out FREE classes….

Sing! Dance! Play! Tropical songs and steps with lively Latin Rhythms that parents and kids can both enjoy! Designed for children 18 months to 5 years and their caregivers. Mississauga Free Class Trial Option:

If you’re not sure if our classes are for you, come try before you buy! Check out the location, meet the instructor and make some new friends!


Sway your hips and celebrate your “bump” in this low-impact yet lively dance class. Salsa Bellies™ is a great way to stay active and feel sexy throughout pregnancy, you’ll meet other moms-to-be and enjoy comparing notes about the journey of motherhood.

Tues., Sep 10th
7:15 pm
Kidz Kove, 4870 Tomken Road

With little ones snuggled in to baby carriers, Salsa Babies™ offers a great workout, a chance to socialize and an opportunity to introduce one’s child to music and movement.

Tues., Sept. 10th
11:00 am
3425 Semenyk Ct.

Wed., Sep 11th
1:00 pm
4870 Tomken Road

Thurs., Sept 12th
329 Lakeshore Rd E.

For children aged 18 months to 5 yrs
Featuring original Latin music, Salsa Tots™ introduces Spanish vocabulary and combines movement and play with lively rhythms that parents and kids can both enjoy!

Wed. Sep 18th – Oct 23rd | 10:15 – 11:00 am
Kidapia, Erin Mills Town Centre
Register at
*No obligation trial class available, subject to availability. Free Salsa Tots demo available at weekend locations.

Sat., Sep 21st – Oct 26th | 10:30 – 11:15 am
3425 Semenyk Ct. –
Register at
Free demo Sep 14th*

Sat., Sep 21st – Oct 26th | 10:30 – 11:15 am
Kidz Kove, 4870 Tomken Road – NEW LOCATION that includes a play area!
Register at
Free demo Sep 14th*



Wednesday September 11th, 2019 at 11:15 AM
Caledon Academy of the Arts
15964 Airport Road, Caledon East, Ontario

You may also be interested in:Come and try a class at no cost!!! If you love it, join our session immediately and continue the very next week. Amazing discounts will be offered for those who attend the trial class and join that day.


Thursday September 12th, 2019 at 11:15 AM
AXIS Dance Studio
8 Automatic Road, Building A Unit 6 Brampton

Come and try a class at no cost!!! If you love it, join our session immediately and continue the very next week. Amazing discounts will be offered for those who attend the trial class and join that day.

Music and Dance with Baby

Interested in things to do with kids in Brampton? Come join our community of Parents: Peel Parents Resource

Peel Parents Resource - Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon

Disclosure: I received a free class in return for this blog, however the opinions are my own.  I am a Social Media Ambassador for Salsa Babies Mississauga. 

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