Mom and Baby Fitness in Brampton – Sweat and Sculpt Workout Brampton

Babies only continue to grow and gain weight, so moms need to be strong to carry baby all the time! Join the fit mom movement and come check out Sweat and Sculpt Workout in Brampton where you use baby as your weight! There is no need to be stuck at home lonely while on maternity leave when you can exercise and connect with other moms all at the same time. Sweat and Sculpt is fun and great exercise for your body! After you have been cleared at your 6 week post partum appointment for exercise you are more than ready to lose the saggy mommy pouch and sculpt those muscles back to their pre-pregnancy state. Not only was losing the weight important to me, but also getting back into shape to rejoin my soccer team was a goal. Check out the whole list of Activities to do on Maternity Leave.

Mom and Baby Fitness in Brampton: Sweat and Sculpt Workout Brampton

What is Sweat and Sculpt?

Sweat and Sculpt is the perfect program to start getting your body back in shape and lose those extra pounds of baby weight. Cardio and strength training that I guarantee will make you sweat by the end. Sweat and Sculpt is a combination of cardio and resistance strength training. The program allows you to incorporate baby into the exercises if you choose! The exercises allow you to go at your own pace based on your ability and complete the exercises you feel comfortable in doing.


The instructors also keep the classes fresh and new as each class has a different style, so you never get bored!

Abby at Ching Wellness focuses on a strength workout  using weights or baby while also incorporating step into her program. Abby likes to also incorporate step into her routines and is always changing it up to give us a new challenge.

Sandra at Loafers Lake likes to give participants a taste of multiple exercise programs and teaches a new style class each week: Circuit, Balance Balls, Boot Camp, Step, Yoga and Pilates, and much more! Sandra incorporates balance balls, resistance bands, and kettle bells. Cardio and Strength training target your abs and help shrink your post pregnancy tummy. A great overall workout that leaves your muscles feel strong but sore!

When and Where does Sweat and Sculpt Run in Brampton?

Sweat and Sculpt runs three times a week in three different locations. Classes cost about $90 for 13 class sessions and about $60 for 9 class sessions. I also suggest signing up for a neighborhood membership which is $274 for the year…. to understand the value checkout my other post here that explains the value.

Come join us in the fall! To register City of Brampton Parks and Recreation.

Zyia Active Canada

You want to wear something comfortable and easy to move around in as Sweat and Sculpt includes squats, burpies, lunges and weights! Sweat and Sculpt requires lots of movement so you want clothing that will stay put so your not stuck adjusting your clothing the whole class.

I love to work out in my Zyia Active as it’s high quality and squat proof so I don’t have to worry about readjusting my clothing the whole time. Check out my full review of Zyia Active Canada clothing and why it’s perfect for that post partum body.

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