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Mom and Baby Fitness: Stroller Fitness in Brampton – Burn that Baby Weight!

What is Stroller Fitness? Learn more about mom and baby fitness!

Stroller fit is a mommy and baby fitness class that offers moms the opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors as well! The only equipment you will need is your stroller which you will turn into a fitness machine. The class allows babies to enjoy the fresh outside air and scenery as you push them, and you get to complete a whole body workout and shed that extra baby weight! Check out the whole list of  Activities to do on Maternity Leave.

Stroller fit Brampton
Get back in shape, and bring baby along for the ride!

You will work on your cardiovascular and strength training while pushing your stroller. Now ladies this isn’t just a walk in the park chat session, we run with our strollers for short distances (no jogging stroller needed), we push the stroller up hills and lunge the whole way up,and do lots and lots of squats and push baby at the same time.

One of my favorite things about this class is that we use equipment such as benches to complete mountain climbers exercise (if you don’t know what these are come join us and find out) or playground equipment and adapt it to help us exercise! Now we do look like a stroller gang as we move around the park getting exercise but we have a blast doing it! Lastly, stroller fit is great for babies of all ages!

Where and When can I find a Stroller Fitness Class?

The class is running three times a week at different locations within Brampton.

If you are interested in signing up for Stroller fit Class, Visit City of Brampton Parks and Recreation for current schedules.

stroller fitness

What should I wear?

Zyia Active Canada

You want to wear something comfortable and easy to move around in as Stroller fitness includes squats, lunges and much more! It’s not just simply pushing the stroller, its about getting a workout in with baby comfortably in the stroller. I love to work out in my Zyia Active as it’s high quality and squat proof so I don’t have to worry about readjusting my clothing the whole time. Check out my full review of Zyia Active Canada clothing and why it’s perfect for that post partum body.

What does it cost? 

Stroller fitness costs about $65 for a 9 week session. However if you plan on taking multiple classes during your maternity leave I suggest signing up for the Neighborhood Membership or City Membership through City of Brampton Parks and Recreation. I signed up for a neighborhood membership as it gives free access to Stroller Fitness and Sweat and Sculpt Baby which are the Baby friendly program the city offers. I also have access to other registered and drop in programs at select centers.

I paid the $275 for the year and so far have registered in over $500 worth of classes, and I still have the fall session to go!

stroller fitness classes brampton

Cost of Membership

Neighborhood Membership costs $275 for the year making it very affordable for maternity leave!

This membership includes:
  • Access to fitness facilities, weight rooms and fitness classes at select Recreation Centres*
  • Access to all city public swims & skates
  • Access to squash and racquetball courts
  • A fitness consultation
  • A copy of our fitness membership guide

*Select Recreation Centres include Loafer’s Lake, Earnscliffe, Century Gardens, and Howden Recreation Centres.

City Membership costs $429.42

This membership includes:
  •  Access to all fitness facilities
  •  Use of weight rooms & indoor tracks
  • CITYWIDE access to public swims & skates
  • Access to squash and racquetball courts
  • CITYWIDE entry into group fitness classes
  • A fitness consultation
  • A copy of our fitness membership guide

If you are interested in signing up for either membership type or just the Stroller fit Class, Visit City of Brampton Parks and Recreation.

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