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2021 Best Decorated Halloween Houses: Map, Photos, Descriptions and More

As we have mentioned before Kate LOVES Halloween so it seemed fitting to create a list of the Best Decorated Halloween Houses in Brampton, Mississauga and Georgetown with a map, photos and important details so you can plan your Halloween House Tours. Don't forget there are also lots of Halloween Drive Thrus that are running again this year in support of local charities.

It's time to enjoy the best decorated houses for Halloween in Peel and Halton Region suburbs! Familes like Kate's love to decorate their yard with Halloween decorations and add to the display each year and go all out creating Halloween displays for families to enjoy. My boo crew loves to drive around and checkout local spooky houses and listen to Halloween music and enjoy a Halloween treat! Checking out Halloween houses is a great evening activity with the kids, and you can even bring glow sticks or halloween flashlight along to add to the fun. Want to get some extra wear out of those Halloween costumes then why not put them on for the spooky ride as you enjoy the spooky driving tour. Kate's house features a projection screen, giant spider, graveyard and much more! If you have little kids may I also suggest you checkout our Guide to Halloween Ideas for Kids Under 5. Finish the Spooky drive off my coming home to a Family Friendly Halloween Movie. You can even make your family a Halloween inspired dinner like my Stuffed Pepper Jack-o-laterns.

Don't miss any of our awesome Halloween content!

Halloween Items you may want to purchase:

Map of the Best Decorated Houses for Halloween

Use our map to find the best decorated houses near you or use this map to plan your route for a house tour. 

Georgetown/Milton and Acton Halloween House Addresses:

  • 134 Eaton Cres
  • 64 Duncan Drive
  • Pennington Cres (3 houses) 
  • Ballantine Drive (multiple houses especially #44)
  • Jolana Cres  (multiple houses)
  • Silver Pond Pond Drive (Multiple houses)
  • 66 Webber Drive
  • 15307 Argyll Rd
  • Corner of Calvert and Sinclair
  • Murdock Street
  • 8/10 Lewis Drive
  • 19 Rachlin Drive - Acton
  • 1086 Meighen Way- Milton

Brampton Halloween House Addresses:

  • 8 Adele Court
  • 60 Nottingham Crescent
  • 12 Torrance Woods
  • 2 Erindale Cres
  • 32 Abbey Road
  • 153 Elizabeth St South
  • 19 Regentview Dr
  • 6 Havenbrook Ct
  • 5 Bristol Ave
  • Histon Crescent
  • Weybridge trail
  • Kingswood Drive
  • Somerset Drive
  • Terryhill Square and Mount Pleasant
  • Candlewood Court
  • Nanwood Drive
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Bartley Bull Crescent 
  • Bassett Crescent
  • Histon Crescent and Winterfold Drive
  • Lakecrest Trail
  • Sparklett Crescent
  • Chinguacousy Road and Duffield Road 

Mississauga Halloween House Addresses:

  • 111 Sollingate Drive 
  • Crescent Road
  • Shaw Drive
  • 255 Angelene Street
  • Maple Avenue South
  • Maple Avenue North and Queen Street
  • Mineola Gardens and Atwater Ave
  • Montevideo Drive and Brasilia Circle
  • Paisley Boulevard West and Mason
  • Cliff Road and Queensway East
  • Oakwood Ave South
  • Council Ring Road and Windjammer Road

2021 Best Decorated Halloween Houses in the Peel and Halton Region

Displays are listed by location. Please remember that these are family homes in residential neighborhoods, so drive carefully and respect the neighbourhoods. Happy Halloween!

Best Decorated Halloween Houses in Georgetown

Checkout my Halloween Tour in Georgetown (October 27,2021): https://www.instagram.com/stories/the.exploring.family/2694114965994649746/

Halloween Houses in Geoergetown

Spooky Skeleton House - 64 Duncan Drive, Georgetown
Put your height to the test compared to this tall skeleton.


Haunted Halloween Houses in Georgetown

Haunted Graveyard - 15307 Argyll Rd, Georgetown
Lots to look at in this graveyard with spooky lights.

Halloween Houses in Geoergetown

Spooky Skeleton House - 134 Eaton St, Georgetown
Donations to CAS for Cancer. Checkout their Facebook Page for updates.

Spooky Cres- Pennington Cres, Georgetown. There are 3 houses decorated fairly well on this crescent - the photo is the most decorated house.

Halloween in Georgetown

At the corner of the mall Calvert & Sinclair
They have gone to a lot of work setting up a Haunted house/maze in their back yard.
Donations to 'Canadian Blood Services'
It's in you to give.
Running Fri 29th, Sat 30th, Sun 31 evening!  Friday and Saturday Halloween weekend it will start once it gets dark. Halloween it will start at 4:00pm, which will allow people who don't like loud noises/flashing lights/scary scenes to go through before it gets dark.

Donations to Canadian Blood Sevices are completely voluntary, there is no cost otherwise. Hope to see you there!

1086 Meighen Way Milton.
Team Garber's Charity Haunted House.
Raising money and awareness for The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Best Decorated Halloween Houses in Brampton

Haunted Halloween Houses in Brampton

HUGE Spider House plus an awesome graveyard  - 8 Adele Crt
Watch out for the recently buried and Spider on the roof, or enjoy the projection show! Checkout their Facebook page for updates.

Halloween Houses in Brampton

The Ultimate Spooky Experience - 12 Torrance Woods
Lots of spooky things to see - the picture only shows a small portion


We are Looking for more Halloween houses!


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