Five Fun Halloween Ideas for Babies and Toddlers – Activities, Apparel, and Crafts

So one of the most exciting part’s of having a new baby is getting to experience all the FIRSTS, whether it be first smile, crawl, or roll it is always super exciting, and I pull out the phone and try to frantically take a photo or video to share. I am a huge holiday lover from Easter, to Halloween and Christmas and everything in between. So far Thumper has had her first Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving, so now I have started thinking about Thumper’s First Halloween as it is quickly approaching. I love to do activities, crafts and even buy outfits related to holidays so I thought I would share some of the fun things I have planned for her First Halloween! Remember your child will only be under ONE once so cherish all those FIRST moments! Checkout our Babywearing Costume Ideas.

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Five Fun Halloween Ideas for Under Five:

Easy Pumpkin Recipes

1. Pumpkin Picking:

We plan to checkout a pumpkin patch this weekend, and select multiple pumpkins for Thumper as I have a few different carving ideas I want to try out. Normally we would go to Downey’s Pumpkin Fest as it is a local farm that I like but we are away this weekend so we are going to check out Smith’s farm in Port Elgin. Not only do these farms offer you a chance to stroll through the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin, you can also explore the corn mazes, or take a wagon ride. Chekout our Easy Pumpkin Recipes.

pumpkin carving


2. Pumpkin Carving:

We love to pumpkin carve in the Robinson household and invite friend’s over every year to have a pumpkin carving party. We line the living room floor with garbage bags, grab all our pumpkin carving gear, and then select our design and start carving. We often put on a Halloween movie in the background past years have included Casper, and Hocus Pocus. I also make Halloween treats for us to munch on as we carve our pumpkins, this year I plan to try out a sweet Halloween Spider Treats, and a Healthy Halloween Treat  as we are trying to eat healthier and lose weight this year.I plan on doing this pumpkin carving design for Thumper’s Pumpkin.
babys first halloweenSome carving tools to help you get started:

3. Picking out a Costume/Outfit

Now this is a very hard choice as infants are just so cute in costumes I feel like I could have bought ten. We originally wanted to go with a bunny since she is nicknamed Thumper from Bambi – since she loves to thump her feet and legs in the crib, however I couldn’t find an affordable bunny costume. We did buy a costume this weekend from Once upon a Child for $10. Checkout our list of Babywearing Halloween Costumes.

Baby Halloween Costumes


Halloween Costumes for baby 

Babies First Halloween Outfit

trick or treat

4. Trick or Treating

Now obviously at 8 months old, Thumper won’t understand what trick or treating is yet, however I still would like her to experience Trick or Treating so I plan to take her to a local event during the daytime. 

5. Halloween Crafts/Stories/Songs

Baby art is pretty simple as your limited by their minimal skill set currently, so the easiest craft and most memorable is hand print and foot print crafts, as they will only be this small once. I have done a different foot print craft for each holiday and given them away to family members who think it is pretty special. 

foot prints

I am not a huge fan of screen time, however occasionally I don’t mind showing Thumper some short videos that are educational, one of my favourites for Halloween is Five Little Pumpkins on a Gate, or if you want to expose them to french I love is C’est Halloween. Both of these songs I have used in my years of teaching primary, and both are catchy and repetitive which I enjoy and have an educational purpose.

Love Halloween as much as we do? Here are some other fun Halloween treat ideas and creative costumes!



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