35+ Fun and Easy Halloween Babywearing Costume Ideas and Baby Costumes

Halloween is coming up and it is time to start thinking costumes.  As someone who LOVES babywearing it was a natural choice to look for costumes that incorporated my baby carriers.  Plus babywearing costumes off the convenience of letting you have you hands free, and makes it easier to chase after other kids.  With so many fun and adorable babywearing costume ideas I am sure you will be able to find one that you love. Checkout our Halloween Ideas for Kids Under 5.

Babywearing Halloween Costume Ideas

35+ Fun and Easy Halloween Babywearing and Baby Costume Ideas

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1 – Pokeman – Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – Here is an easy costume for mom and baby.  All you need is a Pokemon hat and then pick your favourite baby Pokemon and you are ready to go.

Pokemon Halloween Babywearing Costume Ideas

Photo: TulaBabyCarriers

Here is what you need to recreate this adorable costume:

2 – Little Red Riding Hood Babywearing Costume – Grab a red hood for yourself and a wolf costume for your little one.  You can either attach the wolf costume to your carrier or put it right on your little one.  The grey wolf costume would go great with the ERGObaby Baby Carrier,

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf babywearing costume idea via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: iandiSurfvive

Ready to get your hood?  Here is what you need for this costume:

3 – Bank Robber & Money Bag Baby Wearing costume – watch out for these bandits around your neigbourhood

Bank Robber babywearing costume idea via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: EnjoyTheChase

Recreate this costume with:

4 – Fairies and Gnomes – A fun family costume of Fairies, Gnomes, butterflies and bugs!

Photo: SavedAngel

Recreate this costume with:

5 – May the Force Be With You – Where are the Star Wars fans?  This is the cutest BB-8 baby costume that I have ever seen!

Photo: mannypaule

Recreate this costume with:

6 – Spider & Web – Making a spider web can be a fun DIY project and why not partner the spider with a cute Halloween dress that you can wear even after your babywearing days are over.

Recreate this babywearing Costume with:

7 – It’s Mario! And Luigi and the gang too.  You can keep this costume simple with just the Mario and Luigi hats or go all out with the full costumes. Make the “?”  out of felt for durability and softness.  Or if you are like me and LOVE Yoshi, you can dress your little one up as baby Yoshi instead.

Super Mario Brothers babywearing costume ideas via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: JustSamSoFar

Recreate this babywearing costume with:

8 – Oscar The Grouch – This adorable Oscar hoodie makes this a fun and easy costume to create.  The parent can pick up one of the adorable sesame street headbands below to dress up as well.

Sesame Street Oscar babywearing costume ideas via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: Kristyboou

Create this babywearing costume with:


9 – Lion and Safari Mama – With your little lion in tow you will be off on a Safari adventure in no time!  If you have a little monkey at home, you could easily swap this for a monkey costume instead of a lion.

Photo: Dasrozol

Create this babywearing costume with:

10 – Lady Bug & a Flower – A quick and simple babywearing Halloween costume idea.  For the mom a store bought or homemade floral headband and a green sweater, and for your little one a lady bug costume that can go overtop of the carrier or they can wear.

Flower and Lady Bug babywearing costume ideas via littlemisskate.ca

To create this costume pick up:

More Fun Halloween Babywearing Costume Ideas

11 – Shark Attack – I am wishing I had used this costume when my kids were little just so I could wear this fun tutu!

Photo: Todays Parent

12 – Leia and the Ewoks – Another idea for Star Wars fans.  How adorable is this little Ewok with Princess Leia?!?  If you prefer you could swap out the Ewok for a Yoda costume, and maybe even convince daddy to dress up as well!

Leia and Ewok babywearing costume ideas via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: Pinterest

Here is what you need for this costume:

13 – Cookies & Milk – As a mom who breastfed all 3 of my kids this costume made me LOL.  I LOVE the “Milk Mom” hat, so appropriate.  Plus a fun Sesame street themed babywearing costume too.

Create this costume with:

14 – Mother Of Dragons – Game of Thrones anyone???  Parenting really does feel like you are the Mother of Dragons sometimes.  Plus this costume is a beautiful way to show off your pretty wraps.

Game of thrones mother of dragons babywearing costume ideas via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: Pinterest

Create this costume with:

15 – Farmer and Chicken – Head on down to the farm with this adorable costume.  Throw on some jeans or overalls and a Farmer’s hat and you are ready to go with your little chick in tow.

Photo: HappyBabyWrap

Create this farm inspired costume with:

16 – Goldilocks and Baby Bear – you could definitely have fun making this into a family costume if you have more then 1 child

Photo:  HappyBabyWrap

Create this costume using:

17 – Cupcake and Baker – Grab a cute apron, oven mitts and a chefs hat to instantly become a baker.  Your little cupcake will have lots of Halloween fun as you go out exploring together in this babywearing halloween costume

Photo: CoolestHomemadeCostumes

Get baking up this costume with:

18 – Koala And a Tree – this costume is quick and easy to put together with a green sweater and some fake leaves to create a tree.  Your Koala can either wear a full costume or just a koala hat.

Photo: IdeaStand

Get costume inspiration with:

19 – Butterfly and Caterpillar – have a colourful wrap you want to show off?  Well then this Butterfly and Caterpillar costume is a great idea for incorporating beautiful wraps into a costume.

Photo: IdeaStand

Create this costume with:

Even More Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

20 – Ninja Turtles – Everyone’s favourite turtles come to life with with this adorable babywearing halloween costume

TMNT Ninja Turtles babywearing costume ideas via littlemisskate.ca

Photo: 333BubleBee333

Create this costume with:

21 – The Magic School Bus – The teacher EVERYONE wish they had at school… the one and only Ms. Frizzle, and her gang.  Relive the Magic School Bus fun with this group costume that includes a babywearing costume

Photo: Omfgitsammie

Create this costume with:


22 – Rainbow Bright and Twink – Who was a child of the 80’s and remembers Rainbow Bright?!?

Photo: Wrapourbaby

23 – Sushi – Are you a mama obsessed with sushi?  then this Halloween babywearing costume is for you!

Photo: Petitsoleil.maui

Create this costume with:

24 – The Incredibles – Show off your incredible family with fun Incredible costumes

Photo: Virginiamoll

Create this costume with:

25 – Firefighter – Transform into a family of fire fighters with a special mascot in this Babywearing Halloween costume

Photo: Ourknightlife

Create this costume with:


26 – Police and Prisoner – Quick call the police that prisoner is getting away!

Photo: Lburchell

Create this costume with:

27 – Harry Potter – Everyone’s favourite wizard

Photo: Mammasmilk.com

Create this costume with:

28 – Monsters

Photo: Ideastand

Create this costume with:

29 – Ghost

Photo: WritingItDown

More Mom and Baby Costumes

30 – Parrot and his Pirate

Mom and Baby Costume ideas - parrot and pirate

Photo: CoolestHomeadeCostumes

31 – Peter Pan and the Gang

Mom and Baby Costume ideas - peter pan


32 – Nightmare before Christmas

Photo: Pinterest

33 – Batman and Robin – When you need a super hero Batman and Robin will be there to help!

Mom and Baby Costume ideas - batman and robin

Photo:  WrapYourBaby

34 – Circus – Parenting can totally feel like a circus.  This fun mom and baby costume brings the circus to life.

Photo: WrapYourBaby

35 – Good vs Evil – Bring out your sweet and evil side with this Devil and Angel costume

Photo: LittleMissKate.ca























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