Best Places to Strawberry Pick Near Brampton

The Best Pick Your Own Farms for Strawberry Picking near Brampton and Mississauga

Strawberry Season has arrived! Local farms are preparing for a busy summer of luscious strawberries, many farms even took advantage of the slow 2020 season and increased their field sizes. In our household, my daughter loves strawberries so she gets summer excited for the pick your own strawberries season. I have been taking my daughter strawberry picking every summer since she was a baby as there are so many great strawberry picking farms near Brampton.

Living in the Halton region I am lucky that there are many local farms in Brampton and area that we can visit and explore farm life for the day. The first year we visited Downey’s farm and the second year we tried a different farm and visited Andrew Scenic Acres for strawberry picking. We also love to visit Downey’s farm in the fall for the best apple picking in Brampton or pumpkin patches.

Best Places to Strawberry Pick Near Brampton

If you like picking fresh strawberries but live closer to Halton, checkout our Guide to Strawberry Picking in Milton and Georgetown. Don’t forget to checkout the Best Pumpkin Patches in the area and the Best Apple Picking in Brampton/Mississauga or Apple Picking in Milton and Georgetown.

Don’t want to pick fruit or vegetables but want to enjoy a day at the farm and visit animals, then checkout our Guide to Petting Zoos and Farms in Ontario.

Lastly, we have a Guide the Best Christmas Tree Farms in Ontario, so we have a guide to all agricultural seasons you can think of to enjoy with your kids.

Best Places to Strawberry Pick Near Brampton

The Best Strawberry Picking Spots Near Brampton

  Best Places to Strawberry Pick Near Brampton

Strawberry picking is great if you want to make a recipe with fresh fruit, or even use the strawberries in a fresh smoothie. I am currently trying to eat healthy and work off all the added baby weight so I have been looking for healthy recipes and found Strawberry Oatmeal bars and thought they would be best with fresh strawberries.

If your looking for a not so healthy dessert checkout our Strawberry Chocolate Pudding Parfait. You may also be interested in making some fresh Strawberry Lemonade after the hot sun while strawberry picking. My daughter loves both animals and strawberry picking so a day at the farm is a perfect outdoor adventure.

When is the best time to go Strawberry Picking?

The Strawberry Picking season usually runs from mid June until mid July.

Some tips for Fruit Picking in Ontario with Kids:

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to do a little bit of walking to get into the fields
  • If going with a young child, you must carry or babywear as strollers and wagons are not allowed in most fields
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat as it can be very hot in the strawberry fields
  • Carefully place your fruit into your containers so you don’t squish them
  • Dont overfill the baskets or the strawberries will become squished
  • Grab the stem just above the berry and pull with a slight twisting motion, or as my toddler says “pull, pull”
  • Most farms are providing the baskets at a small cost due to Covid so please leave your own containers at home

Best Places to Strawberry Pick Near Brampton

Here are the Pick Your Own Farms near Brampton where you can pick Strawberries:

We’ve gathered up a list of our favorite pick-your-own strawberry spots in Peel Region for all you strawberry-loving kids, jammers, and bakers.

Downey’s Farm in Brampton 13682 Heart Lake Road Brampton, ON L7C 2J5 STARTING JUNE 17TH

The strawberry fields are located at both Downey’s Strawberry & Apple Farm and Downey’s Farm Market across the road. Strawberries are the first to ripen each spring, so the Strawberry picking season will begin on June 19th. While your at Downey’s farm don’t forget to stop at visit the Downey’s Farm Market that offers the freshest, locally grown fruits and vegetables direct from the fields in Ontario, as well as yummy baked goods.

Downey’s farm locally grows strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, squash, as well as the thousands of pumpkins each year. Downey’s also has a great farm playard (opening soon based on Covid restrictions), and lots of animals to visit – makes for a great day trip. Learn more by reading our Full Guide to Downey’s Farm. For the parents, Downey’s also has a winery that creates deliscious fruit wines including raspberry wine and strawberry sunrise wine. Face coverings are required to be worn by all guests.

Tractor rides to the field are NOT available at this time. Strollers and wagons are NOT permitted in the fields. There is a $6 min picking fee per person who enters the farm. Eating or tasting is NOT allowed on site. NO pets will be admitted to the farm. We have contactless payment setup – large purses and bags are NOT allowed beyond the entrance.

Berry Acres – 11550 15 Side Road Georgetown, L7G 4S6

Berry Acres is a small family owned strawberry picking location. They offer strawberry picking in the summer. They are a family farm and less commercialized then some of the other options so they only offer fruit picking and don’t have other attractions and therefore there is no enterance fee. This farm is a hidden gem and is not busy like nearby Andrew Scenic Acres.

Big R Apple Farm8674 Heritage Road Brampton, ON L6Y 0E1​

The Big R’ Apple Farm is a family operated pick your own fruits and vegetable farm. They offer strawberry picking in the summer and apples in the fall. They are a family farm and less commercialized then some of the other options so they only offer fruit picking and don’t have other attractions.


Best Places to Strawberry Pick Near Brampton          

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