11+ Fun Mississauga Bike Trails

As summer approaches and the weather starts to improve, many people are looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Exploring some beautiful Mississauga Bike Trails is a great way to get some exercise and delight in all the beauty nature has to offer. 

Best Mississauga Bike paths

There are over 300 kilometres of bike paths Mississauga has to offer. This makes it easy to find a Mississauga Bike Trail that works perfectly for you. No matter what bike routes you choose to explore, you are sure to find a few that provide the experience that is optimal for your skill level and expectations. 

Mississauga Bike Trails and paths for families

Best Bike Trails Mississauga

There are several great Biking Trails Mississauga has to offer. Make sure to choose the one that meets your needs and caters to your skill level. 

Bike Paths Mississauga

There are so many fantastic Bike Paths in Mississauga. If you are looking to enjoy a great cycling trip, these paths are a great place to start. 

Britannia Trail

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 10.5 km ● Est. 2h 3m – Generally considered an easy route this trail is a great choice for those looking for a great Mississauga Bike Trail. 

Running from Queen Street to Hurontario Street, this 10.5km trail near Mississauga is considered somewhat easy to navigate. This trail takes around 2 hours and 3 minutes to fully complete and is popular for those who enjoy biking and more. 

Open all year round, this particular Mississauga Bike Trail is great to visit no matter what the season. You can even bring your dogs along on your ride, just make sure they are on a leash. 

biking mississauga

Burnhamthorpe Trail

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 7.8 km ● Est. 1hr – This trail is perfect for those looking for an easy route to navigate. It connects to several different areas, making it perfect for your commute.

This exciting trail runs from Loyalist Drive all the way through Garnetwood Park. With links to several other trails such as the Glen Erin Trail, Etobicoke Creek Trail, Sawmill Valley Trail, and Garnetwood Park, there are many options to expand upon your trip or use it for commuting. 

This path has cross rides located at certain intersections and takes you through downtown. This trail is approximately 7.8km long and can take approximately 1 hour to complete. 

Cooksville Creek Trail

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 1.9 km ● Est. 22m – This popular trail near Mississauga is a great area to explore. This isn’t only a dedicated bike trail though, so keep that in mind. 

Typically considered easy to navigate, this 1.9km trail is a must-experience bike trail in Mississauga. Starting just south of Rathburn at Shipp Drive, you can enjoy a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of busy downtown Mississauga. 

Just remember this path is a combination of paved trails and gravel ones, and is also considered popular for walking, so chances are you will have to share the path. You can bring your dogs along for the ride, just make sure they are on a leash unless you take them to some of the off-leash areas. 

More Mississauga Bike Trails

David J Culham Trail

Difficulty: Easy – Length: 13.2 km ● Est. 2h 49m – You will likely come into contact with others while exploring this exciting Mississauga Trail. Popular for biking, birding, hiking and more, this trail has a lot to offer.

This Cyclepath Mississauga has to offer combines both natural and urban settings nestled alongside Credit River. This route takes about 2 hours and 49 minutes to complete in full and is quite popular when it comes to biking, hiking and bird watching. 

There are 3 different sections located within the trail system. You can check them all out or choose to navigate just one. The south section begins on Dundas street and goes through to Babertown Road. If you want to check out the middle section of the trail, start from Church Street and head down to Velebit Court. Finally, the North section of the trail runs through the Medowvale Conservation area. 

Connecting to several other locations such as Riverwood Community Centre, Erindale Park, The University of Toronto Mississauga and Streesville Memorial Park, this trail is a great way to get around in Mississauga. Especially if you are biking. 

Best bike trails Mississauga

Etobicoke Creek Trail: Fleetwood Park to Highway 401

Difficulty: Easy – Length: 9.2km ● Est. 1hr 49m – This Mississauga bike trail is paved, making it easy to navigate. With gorgeous scenery along the way, you aren’t going to want to miss this fantastic outdoor experience. 

This Cycling Trail in Mississauga offers up a paved path, perfect for bikers looking for a smooth ride. Following some gorgeous scenery along your trek, you will find some amazing views, spectacular experiences and more. Check out the off trail cliffs at the dead end on Rathburn Road. 

Starting at Fleetwood Park and heading towards Highway 401, you can experience several different things. This is a 9.2km path if you choose to navigate it from the start back to the entrance. It takes about 1 hour and 49 minutes to complete. If you want to add a little more distance to your exploration, consider joining this with Burnhamthorpe Road. 

Etobicoke Creek Trail: Dixie Road to Highway 401

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 9.8 km ● Est. 1h 57m  – Check out the cycling Mississauga has to offer with this great trail. Perfect for biking and taking in some great scenery, you are sure to enjoy your cycling experience here. 

With 4 different waypoints along the way, this trail is a great one to experience as cyclist in Mississauga. The trail is well marked and runs along Etobicoke Creek towards the 401 and Pearson Airport. 

If you like to go plane spotting you can also get some great chances to see them fly overhead from the top and bottom of the trail. There are several treed areas and grasslands that provide beautiful scenery, especially if you are navigating this trail in the summer months. It is important to note though, that there aren’t many shady areas so its a good idea to be prepared. 

Bike paths Mississauga

Lake Aquitaine Trail 

Difficulty: Easy – Length: 1.6km17m  – Lake Aquitaine is a popular spot for families to frequent for biking, walking and more. Loop around the lake to enjoy some amazing views. 

This trail is located behind the Meadowvale Community Centre and is perfect for bikers, walkers and more. The paved road leads around the gorgeous lake and offers spectacular views of wildlife and more. If you are looking for bike lanes that provide natural settings, this trail is great for you. 

There are several pedestrian walkways that connect to this trail, making it somewhat easy to access. This is a great trail for daily bike rides and you can bring your dog along on the trip. Just make sure that they are leashed. It is also important to note that it can get generally busy throughout the day, so you will want to ensure that you are prepared. 

Lake Wabukayne Trail 

Difficulty: Easy – Length: 3.7km ● 42m – This wonderful cycling trail near Mississauga is a great place to enjoy some stunning nature. Open year round, you can enjoy the beauty no matter the season. 

Taking 42 minutes on average to complete, this popular trail is a great way to enjoy some beautiful scenery and solitude during the quieter periods throughout the day. This trail navigates through natural neighbourhoods and joins with Winston Churchill boulevard on the opposite end. 

Lake Wabukayne Trail is a multi-use trail, so there will be others hiking, rollerblading and more. The trail is paved, so it is perfect for bikers looking to navigate through several different Meadowvale neighbourhoods. It connects with the Lake Aqutaine Trail at Battleford road, so if you want to make it a longer trek, that is a good way to go. 

Mississauga Bike Trails

Malton Greenway 

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 2.1km22m  – Perfect for mountain biking, this trail is sure to provide an easy route to navigate. Enjoy the solitude of this great Mississauga Bike Trail during the less busy times of day. 

This multi-use trail travels from Goreway Drive, through Malton Village and to Monica Drive. Running through plentiful greenery, you can take the chance to spot wildlife on your cycling trip. 

This easy to navigate trail is perfect for those that are looking for a joyful, pleasant ride and takes about an average of 22 minutes to complete. Follow along Mimico Creek on this trail and chances are you will get to see several different types of wildlife, plants and more. 

Queensway Trail 

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 17.2km3h 12m  – This Mississauga Bike Trail is primarily flat with some very small hills. It is important to note that there is a road with traffic lights along the trail, so be very vigilant when crossing. 

Your trip on the Queensway Trail is about 17.2 km there and back. It is considered somewhat easy to navigate and will take about 3 hours and 12 minutes to complete. The trail runs through the the hydro corridor that is located between Glengarry Road and Etobicoke Creek. 

Providing several different chances to view gorgeous scenery, greenery and more, this trail is a spectacular one to take if you are looking to relax. You can even bring your dog with you if you want to include your furry friend, just remember they must be leashed. 

This trail is mostly flat but does contain some slight inclines and declines. You will also want to be careful when you cross the area with traffic lights at the trail. There is not much in the way of sharde along this route, so during the summer months it can get quite hot on your trip. Make sure to bring along lots of water and sunscreen. 

Rathburn Trail 

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 1.9km ● 23m – Enjoy the solitude of this amazing trail during the less frequented times of the day. This trail is popular among many and is beautiful to visit for some exercise. 

This gorgeous Mississauga Biking Trail connects to Erindale Go Station and several access points to downtown Mississauga. Rathburn Trail runs parallel to Rathburn Road between Crediview Road and the City Centre Transit Terminal. 

Rathburn trail takes on average 23 minutes to complete and is approximately 1.9 kms long from point to point. You can bring along your furry friend for the trip too, just make sure they are on a leash. 

Glen Erin Trail 

Difficulty: Easy  – Length: 9.2km ● 1h 50m – This Mississauga Bike Trail starts at Glen Erin Trail Park. With a wide variety of terrains to navigate this trail is a must-visit. 

Traveling through both natural and urban settings, the Glen Erin Trail is a great connector trail for bikers. The trail starts at the South Common Community Center, travels through the Brookdale Community Centre and over to the Toronto Erindale Campus. It also links into the David Culham Trail System. 

If you are just looking to complete the loop itself, it can take about 1 hour and 50 minutes. This trail is popular for runners, bikers and walkers, so be aware of those around you whilst on your travels. 

There are several varieties of terrain along this trail. There are gravel paths, boardwalks and paved sections. Enjoy a trip through the Erin Mills neighbourhood. You can bring your dog with you, just make sure they are on a leash. 

There are so many great Mississauga Bike Trails to choose from. Whether you are looking for a scenic ride, a leisurely trip, or want to commute using the trail systems, there is something for everyone in the City of Mississauga. 

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