5 Tips for Saving Money On your Cell Phone Plan

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My cell phone… my life line, clock, alarm clock, radio, grocery list, bank, step counter, calculator, calendar, movie player, messenger, notepad, camera, social media platform, food ordering device… oh and phone to actually talk to people.  Without my cell phone I would be lost.  It is funny to think back to the time before we all had cell phones—gasp, yes I am that old.  Back then when you were meeting up with friends, you needed to actually be on time in the right spot or you would miss them.  There is little in my day-to-day life that doesn’t seem to involve my cell phone, which is why picking out a phone and a contract is such a big deal.

People tend to make a big deal out of getting a new phone, but having the right plan to go with it is just as important.  Imagine having an awesome camera on your phone, but not being able to share photos on the go because you don’t have enough data.    What.A.Pain.  When looking for a new phone, the plan is just as important as the phone you choose.  I am going to share 5 tips for saving money on your cell phone plan.

5 Tips for Saving Money On your Cell Phone Plan

Track your Past Use – Before heading out to look at new phones and plans if you already have a phone, check out the last 6 months and see how much data you used.  This gives you a baseline when you start talking MB vs GB of data. You can also stop into The Mobile Shop where advisors can walk you through a mobile shop assist. This tool asks you some questions about your usage then provides recommendations on the best plans for you.

Explore Your Options – There are a lot of options when it comes to cell phones and cell phone plans.  Getting unbiased advice can be a great way to find the product that is right for you.  The Mobile Shop offers cell phone plans and phones from all of Canada’s leading providers, including: Telus, Bell, Rogers, PC Mobile, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, Chatr and MTS, for those in Manitoba.  Advisors at The Mobile Shop put customers’ needs first to find the right plan for them across multiple carriers.  The Mobile Shop can be found in over 175 stores across Canada where President’s Choice Products are sold (think Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores).

Price Match – That’s right – price matching is not just for groceries anymore.  You can price match any advertised price at The Mobile Shop. Bring in a local print or online ad in your area to The Mobile Shop and they will price match the promotion (see Mobile Advisor for details).

Trade It In – So once you find the right phone and right package for you, what is going to happen to your old phone?  Instead of having it sitting around collecting dust why not trade it in to save some money on your new phone.  At The Mobile Shop you can trade in your old phone when you purchase or upgrade to any new device on select monthly plans.  The trade in value is based on the model and condition of your old phone and is redeemable immediately when you buy a new phone.  Don’t add your old electronics to your junk drawer, trade them in and save some $!

Think Ahead – Tip #1 was to look back, and now it is time to look forward.  Do you have major lifestyle changes coming up (having a baby?  Going back to work or getting a new job?)?  Think about how upcoming events may impact your cell phone and data usage over the term of your contract.  While you can’t predict the future, if you know of major events coming up make sure you factor them into your needs while shopping.

Once you narrow down your selections for you new phone and plan don’t forget to ask about any extras that come along with your choices.  The Mobile Shop offers ways to get free groceries as select phones come with bonus PC Points offers.  For a limited time every new activation or upgrade between March 16th and 31st gives you a chance to win FREE groceries for a year by giving you 10,000,000 PC points.

Taking the time to do a little planning can help you save when it comes to your cell phone plan.  Then you can get back to taking selfies with your family!  Let me know in the comments, what is the #1 thing you look for when shopping for a new phone or plan?

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Saving Money On your Cell Phone Plan”

  1. We have four phones in our family and four different cell plans. The thing I look for is flexibility really. We all need different things in our cell phones. I need a lot of data and a lot of memory. My phone has to be a work horse. But the girls really only need a bit of talk and text and can use wifi so I can get away with a much smaller plan there. DH uses his way less than I do but he needs reliability. Basically I need those phones to work so I can reach any or all of them when I need to.

  2. Oh wow, I’ll have to check out the Mobile Shop next time we need a new phone for one of our plans. I had no idea they had price matching, that’s awesome! Thanks for the heads up! <3

    I have no idea what my #1 necessity is when shopping for a new phone. I think it changes for me as these phones evolve, lol. Last time it down to either the LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S7, and it was all down to which phone had a better camera, so that I wouldn't have to worry so much on quality for Instagram pics… Hmm… That might still be my #1 concern next time I get a phone too, if I'm still addicted to Instagram by then. 😉

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