Common Myths About The Flu Shot BUSTED!


When it comes to the flu there is no end to the old wives tales around trying to keep the flu at bay and stay healthy during the winter. Working in a hospital I have had many people ask my opinion about the flu shot or share “tales” with me. However I like to base my opinions on facts, not hearsay. Here are some common myths about the flu shot – BUSTED!flu-myths-get-your-flu-shot-sdmflufighters

Myth #1 – The flu vaccine gives you the flu – FALSE – the flu shot is made one of 2 ways: 1) With “inactivated” virus which is not infectious or 2) With no flu virus particles at all. You cannot get the flu from getting the flu shot.

Myth #2 – You don’t need to get the flu vaccine every year – FALSE – A Shoppers Drug Mart Flu poll revealed that 53% of Canadians do not believe they need to get the flu shot every year. They obviously don’t realize just how tricky the flu virus really is. The flu virus rapidly mutates to try to avoid your immune system, this means that the antibodies you made from last year’s flu shot likely won’t recognize the viruses circulating this year. You need to get your flu shot every year.

Myth #3 – You need to make a doctor’s appointment to get your flu shot – FALSE – No one wants to take time off work to go to the doctors, and for the flu shot you don’t have to! In Ontario people over the age of 5 are able to get their flu shot from a qualified pharmacist. At Shoppers Drug Mart there is no appointment necessary, just stop in whenever is convenient for YOU to get your flu shot, no prescription necessary.

Myth #4 – It is too late to get the flu shot – FALSE – It is never too late to get vaccinated for the flu. Flu outbreaks can happen as late as May. While getting your vaccination early in the flu season offers you the most protection as it takes several days for your body to start producing antibodies, it is not too late to get your flu shot.Can you get a flu shot during pregnancy

Myth #5 – Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t get the flu shot – FALSE – Healthy pregnant women are at greater risk of flu-related complications and hospitalization then women who are not pregnant. By getting the flu shot you are not only protecting yourself from the flu but also your baby as well. Antibodies against the flu are transferred across the placenta and through breast milk to help protect your new born baby. If you are pregnant you do not need a doctor’s note to get your flu shot.

Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion around the flu shot and helping to protect yourself and others from the flu!

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93 thoughts on “Common Myths About The Flu Shot BUSTED!”

  1. We get flu shots yearly and we try to eat well and get lots of rest! Oh and we have our grandkids to wash their hands!

  2. I take vitamins daily eat and drink citrus products, if I feel a cold coming on I take an extra vitamin C chewable and that seems to take it away, I haven’t had a cold or flu in years and I never get the flu shot

  3. Wash hands, eat healthy and try to limit access to places with loads of people which isn’t hard since I live in a small place.

  4. Rosanne Robinson

    I wash and sanitize my hands, take vitamin C & D daily, hydrate, get 8 hrs sleep daily & avoid contact with anyone suffering from the flu.

  5. I go to the free clinic that is held in our small town every year for the free flu shot ..why on earth wouldn’t you?

  6. I take my family all for their flu shots . I practice hand washing and have been telling my family how we need to cough or sneeze into our elbows, not our hands.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I get my flu shot every year, wash my hands a lot & take vitamins too. All this has saved me twice already, since my son (an adult) who lives with me has managed to get it twice and the first time was so bad we went to the ER at night!

  8. we get the flu shot most years, the winter of 2014/2015 I decided that I didn’t need to get the shot, boy was I wrong. I got the flu and I was as sick as I have ever been. I thought that I was going to end up in the hospital. This year we got our flu shots early and will never again miss getting them.
    I make sure to wash my hands at a lot especially if I have been out of the house. I take alcohol wipes with me and wipe down shopping cart handles, stay hydrated and get lots of rest

  9. We get our flu shot…I also take oregano oil daily throughput the colder months and belief it helps. Haven’t had a cold or the flu in 4 years.

  10. eat right (lots of fresh produce), stay hydrated, dress for the weather (in layers), get enough rest (try not to get run down), vitamin C & D

  11. To help protect myself from the flu, I use antibacterial soap and wash my hands often. At home, I also use a hepa air purifier with u/v to kill germs. It all helps, so far this winter, I did not catch a cold or flu – touch wood!

  12. To protect my family from the flu, we take vitamins everyday as well as the home is cleaned every weekend and in between from old germs sitting around.

  13. i avoid sick people, wash and disinfect a lot, drink water, and eat well — get lots of fresh air. A good thing i should do is to wipe down the handle of the grocery cart before shopping, too – stores often have wipes at the door – so many germs on those handles! Oh, and open doors with your hands protected, by paper towels, sleeves, gloves, etc.

  14. To try to help protect myself from the flu, I use antibacterial soap and wash my hands often. I also take daily multivitamins.

  15. I try to help protect myself from the flu by getting the flu shot, washing my hands frequently, taking vitamin C, and eating healthy.

  16. I protect myself from the flu by making sure I wash my hands before meals and carry hand sanitizer for the times I cannot get to a sink!

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