Diabetes Management in Summer: Camp, Trips and Travel

Summer is just around the corner, and with gorgeous weather comes a change in routine as kids take a break from school. Meal times change, activities increase and it’s easy for scheduling to fall to the wayside. From vacations to summer camps and trips to the cottage, parents are busy making the arrangements necessary for a fun and safe summer for their kids to enjoy.

If you have a child with diabetes or somebody in your family has diabetes, you have to become even more aware of the change in schedule and adapt to ensure your family member is set up for a successful summer of diabetes management.  Kids and adults can still live remarkable and playful lives with diabetes, we just need to be more aware.

One of the most important things to consider when planning a trip, signing up for summer camp or traveling in general, is to make sure you take the appropriate measures to reduce the chances of becoming injured or ill.

If you are taking the proper measures and planning accordingly there is no reason why you or your family member with diabetes can’t travel.

Things to Bring with You When Traveling

  • A detailed description that depicts how to manage your family member’s diabetes
  • Your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR® Diabetes App
    • Parents are also able to connect to their child’s app to see their results on their phone

Diabetes Management in Summer: Camp, Trips and Travel - Contour Next One

  • A prescription for diabetes medications or insulin
  • Travel or Health Insurance
  • A medicAlert necklace, bracelet or identification card
  • A list of medications
  • Extra diabetes supplies labeled with your family member’s name

Sending Your Child to Camp with Diabetes

Did you know that Diabetes Canada organizes summer camps? In almost every province in Canada, excluding Quebec there are camps designed to give young people with type 1 diabetes the chance to attend summer camps.

summer camp diabetes camp

The counselors at a Diabetes Canada Camp help campers to gain the confidence they need when it comes to administering their insulin injections, blood glucose testing and how to eat healthy and get the right exercise.

Raise Awareness

Professional hockey player Max Domi and Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada have partnered together to help Canadians manage their diabetes better and raise awareness about the new CONTOUR® NEXT ONE blood glucose meter and app, and the new MyPatterns feature which analyzes your blood glucose readings to identify your patterns and helps you learn about their possible causes, and gives you positive reinforcement for reaching your goals!

This is the fourth year that Max Domi has paired up with Ascensia Diabetes Care to inspire, educate and share his incredible story with Canadians living with Diabetes.  The CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR® Diabetes App marks an interconnected approach to diabetes management.

This summer don’t let diabetes have your family sitting on the sidelines.  Learn more about proactively managing diabetes so that everyone can get out and enjoy summer activities including camping while the weather is nice!

This post is sponsored by Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada Inc.

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