Garage Sales – Tips for Getting the Kids involved


As soon as the warm weather hits, you start to see garage sales popping up.  I know we will have a TON of stuff for a garage sale once we are out of the baby stage shortly and can finally reclaim a large portion of our basement back, as we won’t be saving things “for the next one”.  As nice as it is to get rid of all of the “stuff” and make some money, garage sales can be a lot of work.  Here are some tips for getting the kids involved in your garage sale and help spread the work around:

garage sales: tips for getting the kids involved

Gather Items to Sell – Give your children the task of finding items to contribute to the garage sale.  It may help to give them a specific goal such as “Pick out 10 books to donate” or “Fill this box with toys you have outgrown”garage sale pricing get kids involved

Sort and Clean – Once you have all the garage sale items gathered get the kids involved in sorting them into categories.  Having everything organized will make it easier to price and faster to display when the time comes for the sale.  Give the kids a damp cloth or a duster to wipe down items to help them look their best again.  It is worth the effort to clean what you are planning to sell as newer looking items will fetch a better price or sell faster.

The Price is Right – Involved the kids in pricing the items for the sale.  This is a great way to talk to them about money and value.  Let them know that people negotiate at garage sales, and if your children are old enough talk about how to make change when you have a paying customer.

garage sales: tips for getting the kids involved and pricing

Spreading the word – Have the kids help make or decorate signs for the garage sale.  Make sure you remember to include the location, date and time in big bold letters.  You want people to be able to read them as they are driving by.  Have fun walking around the neighbourhood together putting up the signs.  Give the kids a challenge afterwards to remember where you put the signs up and go on a hunt afterwards to take them back down.get kids involved in garage sales best way to make signs

Depending on the age of your children they may be able to help with set up and take down on the day of the sale.  For younger kids it might be worth getting seeing if grandparents or a neighbour can watch them for a few hours especially during the early morning garage sale rush.  Next time you are planning a garage sale, make it a family affair and get the kids involved!



2 thoughts on “Garage Sales – Tips for Getting the Kids involved”

  1. Hopefully the snow will leave us soon and garage sale season can start 🙂 Since moving to Brampton, I have never had a Garage Sale. But with all the kid stuff I really should! Now I need to convince him to sell it!

  2. Great tips! Been a few years since we had our last garage sale, been doing good at keeping the clutter down in the house.

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