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Reasons to make Homemade baby food

So I decided long before Thumper was born that I wanted to make homemade baby food for a variety of reasons. Now Thumper has been eating homemade baby food for just over 2 months now and while it can be time consuming I am so glad to be making it myself. Now, I am not totally against store bought baby food, as she has had some when its more convenient. I ask myself why do I need a freezer bag to bring my home made baby food  that can only be un-chilled for no more than an hour, yet a jar of Heinz baby food can be kept in my cupboard for days? The answer is preservatives and other additives which is one of the reasons I choose to make my own. Below are the reasons why I feel it is important to make home made baby food.

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Reasons to make home made baby food:

  1. Cost:

    When you buy baby food at the store you are paying for the cost of processing and packaging. What I did was get Wee Sprouts freezer tray, which I use over and over again. Now is it always cheaper to make yourself? NO, I have found that it depends on what your making, but for most its cheaper. For example on the weekend I bought a basket of peaches for $3.98 which had 12-14 peaches, I made three batches of peach puree which yielded me about 12 (4oz) containers, and I kept 3 leftover peaches to eat myself. So my cost for a 4oz container was 0.33 cents a container compared to Heinz 0.80 cents a container, thus I saved 47 cents a container. 47 cents that doesn’t seem like a lot you say, well Thumper eats one 4oz container each meal so multiply that cost by  30 days of September and I saved $28 dollars this month alone based on 2 meals a day, just imagine how much I will save when she starts eating more!

    Carrot and Broccoli mix – $1.90 for 9 (4oz containers) = 0.21 cents a jar
    Peaches – 3.98 for 12 (4 oz containers) = 0.33 cents each
    Banana Apple  (4 oz containers) = 0.60 cents each
    Strawberry Peach (4oz containers) = 0.55 cents each

    Strawberry (4 oz containers) = 0.50 cents each 
    Raspberry (4 oz containers) = 0.66 cents each

    homemade baby food


    Using the Wee Sprouts Silicone Freezer Tray makes it so easy to store all of the baby food. I also use the Wee Sprouts Reuseable Food Pouch as it is easy to take with me on the go!

    food pouch
    The great thing about both of these products is that they will grow with baby. For the freezer trays, once baby is no longer eating baby food puree you can either continue to freeze fruit  or smoothies and put them into the storage pouches for a quick easy on the go snack.

  2. Ingredients:

    I know exactly what is going in the baby food she is eating, thus exactly what is going in her mouth. I find this to be healthier, and easier in terms of identifying allergies as I know what in her food. You can control the quality of ingredients by avoiding preservatives, sodium, and sugar are in your baby foods. Also if you read labels of prepacked baby food, you may be surprised to find that vegetables purees don’t actually have very much vegetable in them but use fruit as filler as it is sweeter tasting. The amount of sugar babies intake is a concern as it can lead to further health issues as children may start to only like sweet tastes  which leads to poor oral health and can be linked to obesity in childhood.

  3. Nutrients:

    Countless research articles show that commercial baby food is not actually very good for baby as its not actually very healthy. Commercial baby food is overcooked for sterilization reasons – which is why it is able to last for months on the store shelves or your cupboard. Jar and pouches last for months but actually contain very little vitamins and nutrients as the way they were cooked at such high temperatures destroys the benefits of the foods. Home made baby food has more more nutrients and tastes better and more similar to the actual food. To keep the most nutrients you should steam your fruits and vegetables rather than boil.

  4. Taste/Exposure to new Ingredients:

    When you make baby food yourself you can add spices/herbs into their foods that you won’t find in the baby food jars. You can also mix combinations of foods that you may not find together in baby food jars which also allows you to control the thickness and texture thus being customized to your babies developmental needs.

    For recipes and more information on Home Made Baby Food check out these awesome resources:

  • Wholesome Baby Food
  • Book: Real Baby Food: Easy, All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler By: Jenna Helwig

Tools and Gadgets to make Baby Food Easier:

  • Storage for Freezer:

    My favourite product to use for storage is the Wee Sprouts Silicone Freezer Tray as it is simple to use and can store up to 15 oz of food. I loved that the trays stacked so easily in my freezer and that I definitely can stack two easily on the bottom shelf, so it saves me a lot of room freezer. I also found it so easy to get the frozen baby food out of and use simply push on the silicone and its pops right out with no issue, this allows me to store multiple baby foods in a ziploc freezer bag which is great for making a stash of baby food to keep at Grandma’s house.

    If you rather a container you can also use Baby Food Storage as they are perfectly portioned to 4oz containers, which is the same as a baby food jar.

  • Storage for On the Go:

    My favourite product is the Wee Sprouts Reusable Food Pouch, this reusable pouch is amazing as it is so easy to put baby food into as the entire bottom of the pouch opens, instead of needing a funnel to try and get the baby food inside the pouch. The pouch is dishwasher and freezer safe which is great as I can grab a frozen own in the morning and take it with us and it will be defrosted and ready to eat by lunch time. I love that this product allows me to make my own baby food but have the convenience of pouches and that these will grow with Thumper as she can continue to use them for snacks as a toddler or even when she goes to kindergarten.

  • Blender and/or Food Processor: 

    Something that can do Pureeing, blending, and mashing
    I personally use the Baby Breeza Baby Food Maker. I love this little machine, as once I have peeled and chop I put it in here and it steams and blends in one step – saving me so much time!

  • Masher:Mashing vegetables and fruits when baby gradates to a thicker or more chunky texture. (ex. Bananas – which are great as there are cheap and require no cooking)

  • Labels and Permanent Marker:To identify foods and expiry dates – Home made baby food is good in fridge for 3 days, and freezer for 3 months.This page may include affiliates. What does this mean? I earn a little money while you pay the same price.Disclosure: I received some products from Wee Sprout for review, however the opinions are my own.Pin For Later:homemade baby food 

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3 thoughts on “Reasons to make Homemade baby food”

  1. Love all of these reasons for homemade! This was my plan too until I discovered baby-led weaning and I’m so glad I got to enjoy the benefits of homemade food for my little without the extra work of needing to make purées!

  2. It may be time consuming but worth every second to see she is eating fresh wholesome foods minus all the additives and the over use of sodium and sugars!

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