The beautiful city of Prague…

As you may have heard/seen already on blog posts/facebook/twitter that I recently went on a trip to Prague, Czech Republic.  The reason for the trip was for business, but I tacked on 2 extra days for pleasure.  I wasn’t going travel all that way and not get some time to sight see.
We decided as a family that JAM and A.C. would not be joining me on this trip, so I was traveling solo for the first time!  The trip meant that I would miss being at home for Thanksgiving, but it was well worth it.  I had an amazing trip, and JAM did a great job holding down the fort at home while I was gone.

I thought I would share a few thoughts about Prague, I think it is well worth the trip to go and explore such a stunning city with so much history.

Vltava River – Prague
Prague is Beautiful –the old city, new city, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge… all of it is stunning.  Unlike many Europe cities most of Prague was spared major destruction in WWII, and there are so many amazing places to visit, and many buildings and churches that have been there for hundreds of years.
Charles Bridge – Prague

Prague is very tourist friendly – I found the people of Prague friendly and helpful and the city is very clean.  I found the best way to get around the city was walking, cars are not allowed in the old city core, and it normally took no more than 15 minutes to walk to any of the major attractions from the Old Town Square.  I always felt safe in the city, even when walking alone in the evening.

Take a free walking tour – My best suggestion is at the start of your trip take a FREE walking tour of Prague, there are a couple of companies that offer them.  I took one with New Europe tours – my guide (Kate) was very fun and informative.  The tour gives you an overview of Prague and will get you situated with the city so you can decide which areas you would like to explore more.

Prague Castle Complex

Prague does not need to be expensive – Ask your hotel where the closest grocery stores is, many have precooked meals and sandwiches are a great price to pick up for lunch or dinner.  Pick up some granola bars, muffins or bagels for breakfast and snacks so you don’t have buy at a restaurant.  And if you are out and about, step away from the main drag to find cute, reasonably priced eateries like Bohemian Bagels (their soup is delicious).

View of Prague from the Clock Tower
I very much enjoyed my trip to Prague, if I ever get back to that area again I would be sure to check out Kutna Hora ( the Bone Chapel looks really neat) and Terezin (so much history) as day trips from the city.  This vacation has already got me dreaming about when I might be able to travel again.
Have you traveled anywhere recently or where would you like to travel to?
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  1. Hello, I am happy you enjoyed your time in my country:) Prague is wonderful, the best time is spring or early autumn, then you can enjoy the sights without too much cueing. In summer, it is madness out there. Free walking tour is a good idea, and I would definitely recommend a boat tour and beer gardens, too!

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