Easy DIY Father’s Day Cookie Jar – Better then a tie!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I have a quick gift you can help the kids make.  It’s a gift that keeps giving every time you fill it up, which makes it way better then a tie!  The materials are not expensive and easy to find.  A trip to your local dollar store should do it.  This gift is fun for the kids and your husband will love it too.  One of my husband is the cookie monster in our house, so a cookie jar made for him is perfect!  

Here are the easy step by step instructions;

 Easy DIY Fathers Day Cookie Jar
  • Terracotta pot (sizes will vary, it all depends on how big you’d like it)
  • Round glass bowl (sized to match the terracotta pot)
  • Terracotta plate
  • paint 
  • paint brush
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • strong glue (consider crazy glue, and of course – adults only)
Begin by painting the terracotta pot and plate.  Keep in mind the pot will be positioned upside down when done and the plate plate will become the lid of the cookie jar.  Use two coats of paint.  Unless of course your kids are painting it, then one will do.  Set aside to dry completely.
Easy DIY Fathers Day Cookie Jar
Next step is to add any wording, hand prints or pictures to the base of the cookie jar (terracotta pot).  One of the great things about this craft is the versatility, you can pretty much use any colour with any saying.  For example; you can theme it around his favourite sports team, t.v show, paint it his favourite colours with different sayings, you can even place your kid’s hand prints on it.  You can trace a drawing first with a pencil if you prefer, but only apply very light pressure.  Set aside to dry completely.
Easy DIY Fathers Day Cookie Jar
Now to add the pipe cleaner to the clay plate.  This acts as the handle, Cut the pipe cleaner in half and twist it into a circle.  Apply a generous amount of glue on the center of the lid and press the twisted end of the pipe cleaner in.  Set aside overnight to allow it to dry completely.
Easy DIY Fathers Day Cookie Jar
You’re almost there, the next step is to glue the glass bowl onto the base of the cookie jar.  Apply some glue around the bottom of the jar and place the glass bowl on top.  Again, allow it to dry over night.
Easy DIY Fathers Day Cookie Jar
Place the lid on top and fill it with your choice of snack.  My husband prefers cookies over any other food group, so his will remain a cookie jar.  I plan on filling our jar with these Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies, which uses cake mix as the main ingredient, yum!
 I plan on making these Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies, which uses cake mix to make cookies to our jar.
See, I told you it was better then a tie.  I know my husband will love getting this Father’s Day gift from our girls, and they are going to love making and giving it to him!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is such a cute idea! My kids would have a ball making this and helping to enjoy it’s contents. ๐Ÿ™‚ You could do this for so many other occasions to!

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