Potty training, the things nightmares are made of!  A treacherous right of passage for parents into the world of being diaper free.  I have had the… opportunity… to potty train 2 boys so far.  And while it is not a walk in the park, potty training boys does not need to be as complicated as some people make it out to be.  Parents get caught up in the sit/stand debate, when really when it comes to potty training time it is best to keep it simple.  Here are 5 reasons boys should sit during potty training:

5 Reasons Boys Should Sit During Potty Training


1 – Less of a mess – I have enough things to clean around my house, the less pee I have to deal with the better.  I don’t want to be cleaning the toilet seat and bathroom floor multiple times a day.  Don’t make more work for Mommy, sit down!

2 – Cheerios are for breakfast not target practice – I have had several people suggest to me that I should put Cheerios in the toilet bowl to give them something to aim at.  Um, no.  If they are too young to understand where they should be aiming their pee and what happens if they don’t aim properly then they are too young to be standing to pee in the first place!  I will be saving the Cheerios in our house for the breakfast bowl rather then the toilet bowl.

3 – I sit, you sit – As a mom going to the bathroom by yourself is a luxury.  Children watch how you do things and copy them, so it is just natural for them to sit while potty training.  If Hubs was doing the majority of the potty training it might be different, but then again maybe not because there are more messes to clean up when standing.

4 – They are just too short – Two (or even 3) year olds are just not that tall, while a step stool at home may work you don’t always have access to one when you are out.  I want to avoid the “But I want to do it this way” battles.  We all sit, end of story.

5 – They will figure out how to pee standing up in time – There is no rush to teach little boys to pee standing up, there is not award for mastering this skill.  They will figure it out in their own time.  It was never something we taught our 4 year old (who we potty trained at 2), but he will sometimes choose to stand up rather then sit.  I am perfectly fine with it because now he is tall enough and focused enough that he doesn’t make a mess.

 Reasons Boys Should Sit During Potty Training

So what has your experience been when potty training boys?  Did you take a sit only approach or did you let them take a stand?


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