Sorry Toronto Sports Fans, You Just Can’t Have It All

I am not going to lie, I never paid much attention to sports as a kids.  I remember being excited about the Blue Jays winning the world series when I was in my early teens, but that is about it.  In my 20’s I took in a few Toronto Raptors games with Hubs, but it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I really started enjoying watching sports and getting into it more.  Now don’t ask me any  technical stuff about the game, but I can cheer on  my Toronto Teams with the best of them (except for the Leafs, they are just a lost cause).  The kids love getting in on the action too.


It has been even MORE exciting since April when the Raptors made the playoffs again this year.  While we loved cheering them on last  year we knew they could go farther this year and while make people have discounted them they have proven them wrong time and time again.  Watching the playoffs has also been a great way to talk to the kids about teamwork, determination, and resilience.  The Toronto Raptors have been down, but never let that stop them from giving it everything they had and coming out on top.  So now there is only 1 problem….  the Toronto Blue Jays!Toronto-blue-jays-1

You may be wondering what in the world the Toronto Blue Jays, our local Major League Baseball team, has to do with our NBA team.  Well since the playoff started it has been the running joke in our house that on days where both the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Blue Jays play only 1 team can win.  As first it was just a little joke, but as the Toronto Raptors progressed through the first, second and now third round the pattern has continued.

Both teams are playing tonight with the Raptors taking on the Cavaliers for Game 4 in the semi finals.  Looking at the scores I see that the Toronto Blue Jays are leading their game in the 7th inning.  I will let you guess how the Raptors game is shaping up after first quarter…

Don’t believe me check it out for yourself:Raptors-vs-Blue-Jays-2016

Updated May 25

Out of the 18 days where both teams have played since the Toronto Raptors started the playoffs:

  • 3 days where both teams have won
  • 2 days where they have both lost
  • 13 days where one team won and one lost

7 thoughts on “Sorry Toronto Sports Fans, You Just Can’t Have It All”

  1. I too was very excited about the Jays winning the series int he 90″s……I went to all the celebrations!
    Unfortunately my love of the game is gone. But I’ve got all those memories.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I like watching hockey, soccer when it’s a big competition and the Olympics too but that’s it. I can’t fathom out baseball nor football, thankfully I don’t need too. 🙂

  3. Interesting read, unfortunately not much of a sports fan here so I don’t follow any of the teams.

  4. Being from the west coast I’ve not really paid attention to the NBA but have now adopted the Raptors as our own team!! We were also very stoked for the Blue Jays last year!

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