Tips for Keeping Pregnancy Weight Gain Under Control


Finding out you are pregnant is an exciting time.  But with that excitement comes the realization that you body is not longer solely yours.  You body goes through some big changes when you are growing a little person inside of you.  One of the biggest concerns for moms-to-be is how much weight are they going to gain.  While there are many factors that play into how much weight you gain while you are pregnant.  On average a woman should gain 25-35 lbs during pregnancy.  Health Canada even has a pregnancy weight gain calculator that will help you determine what a healthy pregnancy is for you based on your pre-pregnancy weight and height.  Being pregnant is NOT an excuse to “eat for two”, you only need 300-500 extra calories per day while you are pregnant.  That is the equivalent to having an apple, or a granola bar.  Yep that is it! So next time someone suggests you are eating for two, remind them you are eating for you and something that is the size of a grapefruit.  Here are some tips for keeping pregnancy weight gain under control, because the more you put on while pregnant the more there is to come back off after the baby is born.

tips for keeping pregnancy weight gain under control via

Tips for Keeping Pregnancy Weight Gain Under Control

Eat Healthy – Eat “twice as healthy” not “twice as much”.  Easier said than done, but eating healthy is one of the best ways to keep your weight under control. Try to eat fewer processed foods and opt for more fruits and veggies.  If you are not interested in eating an apple or banana, why not try a smoothie instead.  By preparing your own meals you avoid added sugar and salt in packaged for keeping pregnancy weight gain under control via

Eat in Moderation – When you are craving something while pregnant, it can be hard to say “No”!  Don’t deny yourself every craving, but try having a glass of water before diving for that snack to see if you are really thirsty instead of hungry.  When someone in the office brings in donuts, split one with a coworker instead of having one all yourself.  Don’t let other peoples perceptions of you being allowed to eat more because you are pregnant derail you and what is best for your long term health.  You can have your cake and eat it too as long as you don’t eat the whole cake.

Eat Smaller Meals – Divide up your meals, instead of eating 3 larger meals, split them into 4-6 smaller meals. Eating smaller meals can help keep your metabolism moving and your body healthy. It’s easier for your body to process smaller meals throughout the day than one huge meal at one time.  Plus as you get towards the end of your pregnancy and the baby is taking up more room you can feel full very quickly.  tips for keeping pregnancy weight gain under control via

Exercise – One of my biggest pet peeves when pregnant was the way people treated me like I could not do anything anymore.  While yes do you need to be more cautious there is no reason you cannot still exercise.  I remember telling people “I am pregnant not sick”.  Now I would not suggest taking up marathon running if you have never run before.  But Yoga, Zumba, walking and moderate weight lifting are all great activities to keep your body toned and help prepare you for labour.  Don’t push yourself too hard and consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.  But building in some exercise is a great way to avoid gaining too much weight during your pregnancy and keeping fit.

Are there any tips you would add to this list  What are your tips for keeping pregnancy weight gain under control?


Always remember to talk to your doctor about the amount of weight you should or shouldn’t gain. This post is for informational purposes only and should be considered medical advice.



4 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Pregnancy Weight Gain Under Control”

  1. Love this blog post and excellent tips to keep your pregnancy weight under control. It’s so true to eat twice as healthy as oppose to twice as much. I know quite a few people who ate like crazy and used the excuse they were eating for two. But they were eating McDonald’s and other fast food. I hardly ate out when pregnant and when I did it was pitas and Swiss chalet and never stuffed myself cause with the belly you reach a point where you feel you can’t fit anymore in ya. I didn’t exercise but I was always on my feet at work and with my second and not working I was always going for walks. I gained 35lbs with my first and 17lbs with my second. To each is own but just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you should eat everything and anything

  2. Thanks i will be sending my daughter over to read this post we were just discussing this topic the other day,she is due in Feb.These are excellent tips to keep your pregnancy weight under control. .

    1. And you only really need the increased calories from second trimester at the earliest, first trimester you don’t need the calories at all.

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