5 Reasons to Fly First Class

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Europe with work and due to the length of the flight I was able to fly First Class for the first time ever and boy was it a treat!  My experience flying with Air Canada was great.  I really think I should fly first class whenever I travel now (ha!  I will keep dreaming!) Flying first class for your honeymoon, could be a way to make that trip even more special than other trips. Consider some of these amazing USA Honeymoon Destinations.
1 – You have your own lines for EVERYTHING – it took me less then 25 minutes from the time I got to the airport to the time I was sitting in the First Class Lounge.  First class passengers have their own line for check-in/baggage drop, going through security and for boarding the plane.  No long waits standing in line!
2 – First Class Lounge – The Maple Leaf lounge at Pearson International Airport was impressive to say the least – An open bar, hot meal service and free wifi internet with full Business center.  I was able to grab some pasta and sit in comfortable spacious chairs while I waited for my flight
Maple Leaf Lounge @ Pearson Airport
3 – The airplane food was actually GOOD – In First Class you get a menu to select from, and the meal was 4 courses! The food arrived HOT and was tasty.  Plus the flight attendants came around and addressed me by name to ask if I wanted more food!
4 – You can sleep on the plane  – The seats are spacious, had their own TV and foot rest and they turn into full BEDS!!!  I have never ever been able to sleep on a plane before, but I was able to get a couple of hours in during my overseas flight.
Seat reclines into a full bed


5 – Air Canada thought of the little things – There was a pillow, blanket and little pouch waiting for me at my seat.  The pouch contained really helpful items like a sleep mask, ear plugs, small toothbrush and tooth paste.  All the things to make traveling a little bit nicer.

So overall I would highly recommend first class, especially for long trips, if you can afford it.  I better start saving up now for my dream vacation to Australia…

Happy Travels!
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10 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Fly First Class”

  1. I am flying first class with Air Canada to Vegas in 3 weeks and this post has made me very excited. Never flown first class and can't wait to experience it, especially with Air Canada. I hope my plane is as good as yours…

  2. Never had the privilege to ride in 1st Class. Coach isn’t that bad, just bring your ear plugs, eye mask and tune out the rest of the flight

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I have never flown first class anywhere but have enviously eyed the seating arrangements as I passed by into economy. I’d love to do it just once, but honestly I wouldn’t waste my money not even on my flight to Australia which was an awfully long one would I have done it. It would simply hurt me to think of throwing away $$$$.

  4. My husband recently got bumped up to Business Class from Economy and had a fantastic flight from Vancouver to Munich. Wonderful food, lots of space to stretch out and he didn’t have to deal with crowds. He didn’t have such luck on his return flight.:(

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