What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters

When people think of Canada’s Wonderland normally the first thing that comes to mind are the high thrill take your breath away roller coasters.  You know the ones like Leviathan – where riders are dropped from a height of 306 ft at an 80 degree angle and reach speeds of up to 148 km/hr.  There are people out there that LOVE that sort of thrill,  Hubs enjoys a good roller coaster ride.  However I am NOT one of those people, just watching riders on Leviathan makes my stomach turn and wonder how people are keeping their lunch down with all of the twists, turns and drops.  It is doesn’t matter if you don;t love roller coasters, or are not allowed to go on rides due to a medical condition (like pregnancy!) there is still lots of things to do at Canada’s Wonderland.  Here is my list of things to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters:

What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters

  1. Enjoy the “Low Thrill” Rides – Not every ride at Canada’s Wonderland will have your screaming at the top of your lungs.  Seek out some of the Low Thrill rides in the park like the 2 carrousels.  If it is heights you are worried about head over to the Krachenwagen Bumper Cars for a bumping good time on ground level
  2. Take in a show – Canada’s Wonderland offers a wide variety of shows for the whole family that are offered several times a day.  The Kinet-X show was a favorite with the boys with their high flying acrobatics and diving it is worth making time to stop by Arthur’s Baye to catch a performance.  My favorite show was Dimensions: A Cirque Experience – everything from the set design to the performances by talented acrobats blew me away, it really is a must see when visiting Wonderland.  You can find the full show schedule here.Canada's Wonderland when you don't love Roller Coasters
  3. Dinosaurs Alive – Take a step back in time and explore the “Age of the Dinosaurs” with over 40 animatric dinosaurs right at Canada’s Wonderland.  There is an additional fee to gain entrance into Dinosaurs Alive, but it you enjoy learning about dinos it is well worth the nominal cost.  As Monkey says, “This is where the dinosaurs live” and Canada’s Wonderland has done a great job of helping them come to life.canadas wonderland dinosaurs alive
  4. Splash Works – Need to cool off?  Head to Splash works where there are several areas where you can  relax and enjoy some time near the water including White Water Bay and the Lazy River.  This is one area I would love to explore more the next time we are at the park.canadas wonderland lazy river small


There are lots of activities to do  at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters – Canada’s Wonderland really does offer entertainment for the whole family.  I was able to take the boys to Wonderland when I was 7 months pregnant by myself, and although I was restricted on some of the rides I could go on we all still had a great time.  What is your favorite “Low Thrill” ride at Canada’s Wonderland?

Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary tickets.  However all opinions are strictly my own.

4 thoughts on “What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters”

  1. There is so much to do at Canada’s Wonderland if you do not like coasters. We love going to Halloween Haunt because there is so many haunted houses set up.

  2. Splash works has always been a favorite for the whole family….Dinosaurs Alive would probably be a hit too, but I myself have not wandered thru it.

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