Engagement Ring Cake

Bridal Shower Cake Idea – Engagement Ring Cake

One of the most important parts of a bridal shower is the cake. If you are looking for a cool bridal shower cake to make your party planning complete, we have you covered.

A bridal shower is such a fun experience, with the decorations, the treats, and the celebrations. The icing on the cake? The actual bridal shower cake. We made this fun engagement ring cake which is perfect for any themed celebration, including an engagement party.

Engagement Ring Cake

Whether you’re planning a bridal shower, an engagement party, or a buck & doe (otherwise known as Jack & Jill), this engagement ring cake is a great way to celebrate the special events in your life. It’s very simple to make (seriously, you can use a box mix!).

Using a boxed cake mix is a great way to save time without compromising on flavor. We just choose our favourite boxed cake mix and get to work.

You can adjust the recipe and size of the ring based on how many guests you’ll have in attendance. Don’t want to get stuck with leftovers? Cupcakes are much easier to send home with guests after the event and you’ll be able to keep some space in your fridge!

Bridal shower cake idea engagement ring cake idea

Bridal Shower Cake

This engagement ring cake is a great centerpiece for your dessert table. It’s elegant and beautiful, but won’t break the bank!  With all the costs associated with being in a wedding, and hosting a bridal shower, having a cake that is budget friendly but still impresses is a great way to save some money.  After all, you want to save as much money as you can for the big day.

Your guests will love the creativity and time spent on this engagement ring cake! You can customize this bridal shower cake in so many different ways. Changing the colors to match the colours of the wedding or bridal shower theme is very simple, and it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort or time! Regardless though, the cake itself looks incredible when complete.

Bridal shower cake idea engagement ring cake idea via LittleMissKate.ca

To make this ring sparkle I picked up some coloured sugar to sprinkle on the cupcakes.  Check your local bulk food store, they usually carry coloured sugar in a variety of colors.  I used clear for the “diamond” and blue and grey for the ring part.  This gives the cupcakes a beautiful elegant look without adding too much or taking up too much time.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Bridal shower cake idea engagement ring cake idea via LittleMissKate.ca

As you can see, we set the table up with some bright and beautiful sunflowers and ribbon which was held down by decorative tablecloth weights.  To keep with the theme of the wedding consider using flowers that will be used in the wedding to jazz up your display table as well.  It is a great way to add some personality and interest to your bridal shower or engagement party!

How to Make an Engagement Ring Cake

Making an engagement ring cake isn’t complicated. It does look like you spent hours creating this delicious masterpiece as it is rather impressive. Learning how to make an engagement ring cake will make your bridal shower that much more fun.

What you Need to Make an Engagement Ring Cake

There are a few simple ingredients that you need to make your engagement ring cake. Just make sure that you have everything on hand before you get started. We used a boxed cake mix to make this delicious bridal shower cake.

You can use your own Vanilla cake recipe, but really it isn’t necessary. The boxed cake mix saves time, and money and still tastes delicious.

In fact, we also used premade icing to ice the cupcakes. We promise though, the fact that you are saving time and money with a boxed mix and premade icing isn’t a reflection on the cake itself. It will look as though you spent several hours creating this delicious cake. It really is breathtaking.

What you Need

  • 26 Vanilla Cupcakes baked as per the box’s instructions
  • Vanilla Icing – You can make your own or purchase a premade type
  • Blue coloured sugar
  • Clear sugar

What to do to Make a Bridal Shower Cake

The process of making this gorgeous cake isn’t difficult. There are a few little steps you have to take to create this beautiful cake.

Step 1

Bake your vanilla cupcakes as per your recipe instructions. You can use a boxed mix or your favorite recipe. No matter what you choose it is sure to be delicious.

Step 2

Allow your vanilla cupcakes to cool. Ensure the cupcakes are fully cooled so the icing won’t melt off when applied. This can take a while so make sure to place them on a cooling rack for even cooling.

Step 3

Use a piping bag to pipe on your vanilla icing. We just used a circular pattern. Stating on the outside and working your way into the middle, pipe your icing onto the cupcakes.

Step 4

Sprinkle 16 of the cupcakes with clear sugar. Sprinkle the remaining 10 cupcakes with the blue sugar. This will create a diamond ring effect. After all, diamonds sparkle and so should this cool cake.

Step 5

Arrange your cupcakes on the top of a cake board in the form of a diamond ring. Not only will it look cool, but because it is a pull-apart cake it really reduces the mess.

Step 6

Enjoy your delicious Engagement Ring Cake.

Bridal Shower Cake – Engagement Ring Cake

Engagement Ring Cake

Servings 26


  • 26 Vanilla Cupcakes
  • Vanilla Icing
  • Blue Coloured Sugar – found at my local bulk food store
  • Clear Sugar


  • Bake cupcakes and allow to cool completely
  • Using a piping bag pipe on icing, I just did a circular pattern starting on the outside and ending in the middle.
  • Sprinkle 16 of the cupcakes with the clear sugar, and 10 of the cupcakes with the blue sugar
  • Arrange onto a cake board to form a diamond ring shape as pictured
  • Enjoy!
Bridal shower cake idea engagement ring cake idea via LittleMissKate.ca

If you are planning a bridal shower, engagement party, or anything in between, this Engagement Ring cake is a fantastic choice. It makes a beautiful centerpiece to your table, tastes great and is sure to impress the guests and the guest of honour.

The best part? This Bridal Shower cake recipe is easy to make and doesn’t require much in the way of ingredients.

Are you planning a bridal shower or engagement party soon?  Are you going with a specific theme?  Share in the comments with me, and most of all – enjoy the recipe!


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