Groom's Emergency Kit

13 Must Have Items – Groom’s Emergency Kit

We’ve all seen a bridal emergency kit – a box or bag containing emergency items to help with any wedding day predicaments the bride might come across…but what about the groom?  With wedding season in full force I thought it might be a great time to share my mini-emergency kit for the groom.  After all, if the groom comes across a hiccup on the day of the wedding, it’s not like the bride can drop everything and be there to fix it.  Most groom’s appreciate the kit as they likely haven’t thought about it themselves, and even if they are not interested beforehand, they will really appreciate it when they have to use it!  These items are easily found in your local department, or even dollar store.  To keep them tidy and together all you need is a simple gift bag!  If you want to get very fancy with it, you can always keep it together in a toiletry bag, this is a nice option as it can display all the emergency items nicely making it easy to find (we all know how men have trouble finding things that are right in front of their face, :P).

13 Must Have Items - Groom's Emergency Kit

Let’s get to it!  Here are 13 items every groom should have in case of a wedding day emergency! 


  1.  Snacks and water.  A must.  The groom may be too busy and nervous to think about food, so be sure to have a few easy-to-eat snacks.  Protein bars, fruit (bananas or apples), or pretzels.  Anything that comes in small snack packs that are easy and clean to eat are great.  Bottled water is very important to avoid the effects of dehydration, especially true if the weather is hot and humid.
  1.  Toothbrush and toothpaste.  Most weddings start with early mornings, which may mean lots of coffee!  Best to have a toothbrush and toothpaste handy for brushing more then once during the big day!  
  1. Black dress socks.  You would be surprised how easy it is to forget a pair of black socks!  If leaving the house the night before, the groom may be wearing running shoes or sandals, and when packing a suit, socks are not usually on the top of your mind.  Also, the groom or groomsmen may be in a sticky situation if one of the socks becomes missing, dirty or ripped.  
  1.  Tylanol/Advil.  Weddings equal stress and stress creates headaches.  Definitely add some pain relief to the emergency kit, if it’s not used the day of, it could be needed the day after!
  1.  Mints, mints, mints.  Not gum, mints!  If you choose gum, the groom may just forget that it’s in his mouth, and you really don’t want him chewing throughout the ceremony.  Mints however, work perfectly, odour eliminating and mouth freshening, could be just what the groom ordered!
  1.  Antacid.  Choose one with that treats a variety of aliments.  Make sure the groom is eating regularly throughout the day to avoid nausea, but in the event he’s feeling ill, you’ll have a remedy on hand.
  1.  Deodorant.  An obvious choice, but it’s surprising how much this one is over looked.
  1.  Needle and Thread.  You never know when you’ll need a needle and thread.  Fallen buttons and small tears happen and when they do, the groom will be thankful for a needle and thread to save the day.
  1.  Tissues.  Even the groom could use a tissue or two, even if he’s just handing them to his beautiful wife-to-be.
  1.  Comb.  With all the big preparation going on it can be easy to forget a simple comb.  Keep a back up in the kit, it may come in handy!
  1. Lint Roller. Black suit, tiny white fluffs…enough said!
  1. Band-aids. Shoes can cause blisters. This is the main use for band-aids at a wedding.  But other small mishaps can occur too.  Best to be prepared!
  1. Pen and Notepad. A pen is always good to have to sign any last minute paper work or jot down any important notes.
  1. Visine. Good to have just in case the groom (or groomsmen for that matter) wake up with bloodshot eyes.  Sometimes there is not a lot of sleeping happening prior to a wedding and your eyes can show it!

13 Must Have Items - Groom's Emergency Kit

There you have it!  An amazing kit of just-in-cases.  If a small problem arises, the groom and groomsmen will be happy this emergency kit is there.


6 thoughts on “13 Must Have Items – Groom’s Emergency Kit”

  1. sabina Edwards

    those weird breath things that sorta stick to the roof of your mouth are good too if they just don’t want to be chewing anything but want to have fresh breath – even the store brand ones are nice tasting lol

  2. What a really great idea! Like you mentioned, you often see emergency kits for the bride, but the poor groom is often overlooked, love this!

  3. Excellent tips. The socks are a really good one. I know how often I forget something simple like socks. Water and protein bars and Band-Aids should be in pretty much every travel kit or emergency kit anywhere for any occasion .

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