Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Fun & Creative Ways to Announce a Third Pregnancy

When I found out I was expecting Roo, I knew I wanted to come up with a fun way to announce our pregnancy to our family that included the boys as part of it.  I picked up a few supplies and created some fun photo props for our photo shot with a friend and local photographer Trish Beesley Photography. Here are some of the fun & creative ways we came up with to announce a third pregnancy:

Shhhhh it’s a Secret – I purchased 3 white t-shirts, and using powerpoint created the graphics for the iron-on transfers.  A quick print and ironing job and these shirts looked amazing to share our secret with our family.

creative third pregnancy announcement

How old are you? – Using small chalkboards write the age of each child on each one and one for how far along you are in the preganacy – You can find them at your local dollar store or office supply ways to announce third pregnancy

 how to announce third pregnancy

Oldest, Middle, Youngest – You can create graphics like this yourself using software like PicMonkey, or if you are like me and would rather someone else do the work you can purchase the electronic personalized signs on Etsy.  I took the PDF to my local Staples store and had them print it on card stock and they were the perfect prop to show that our youngest is being promoted to “Middle” child!

 pregnancy announcement ideas

We are going to outnumber you! – One of the scariest parts of having a third baby is the thought that Hubs and I are going to be outnumbered.  We decided to play that fact up, and using the a dry erase board created this sign for the boys to hold.

 pregnancy announcement sign

To announce our third pregnancy we printed out these photos and gave them out as gifts to our family at a family gathering.  Everyone was thrilled to get the news in such a creative way and to have a keepsake to take home with them to show their friends.  How did you announce your pregnancy to your family?  Did you do anything creative to share the news?

18 thoughts on “Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Fun & Creative Ways to Announce a Third Pregnancy”

  1. Cheryl Grandy

    Great ideas! We didn’t do anything special to announce either of my pregnancies (and we’re NOT expecting a third one!)

  2. I love these ideas Kate, they are too sweet! I never did a special announcement for the impending births of my two, but I really love the birth announcement we did after our second was born. My daughter is six years older then her little bro so we have a photo of Emily holding William at about four weeks old. It melts my heart 🙂 The card it is on reads something to the effect of “Meet my new baby brother” I wanted the wording to really focus on Emily because many of the older kids get left out. This worked perfectly and I got the best keepsake ever!

  3. I agree with Jenna. I loved your I’ve got a secret announcement. Getting your boys invved was adorable! What a blessing each of your babies is to your family. I think it will be a busy and fun household full of love and noise and laughter. That’s all anyone could hope for!

  4. We were creative with 1 & 2. You certainly put us to shame with #3. We called some family and basically posted on facebook for #3. LOL it wasn’t really expected, and we were sort of in shock, and a lot went on during that time, so yeah it was pretty pathetic!

  5. These are such fun ways to let family and friensds know. We never announced the arrival of our little one ina special way. These pictures are giving my lots of ideas for our next one!

  6. These are so creative and fun ways to announce a pregnancy. When I was pregnant, we didn’t have instagram, or twitter or facebook, we didn’t even have the internet. I phoned my mother and she passed along the news to my siblings. That’s how it was done way back then.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I adore the photo of your 2 sons about to ‘outnumber’ their parents, I think that was the best photo and people would have to mull over it for a second or two to get the meaning.

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