5 Ways to Sneak Learning Into Summer With Your Little Car Lover


As a Mom with boys, we have a large supply of cars and vehicle toys of all shapes and sizes. And whenever I suggest playing with their toy cars they come running! This is a sure fire way to keep them engaged and interacting with whatever I suggest.  Cars are fun. Cars with Mom? Awesome.5 Ways to Sneak Learning Into Summer With Your Little Car Lover

When we are playing I sometimes let them lead, and then sometimes do some play based learning as well. It is easy to sneak in some learning while playing with Hot Wheels. Here are some of the ways we incorporate it in our play time.  Here are 5 educational games for kids that you can play with your hot wheels cars:

1. Get your child to create a story about their cars. If they are able to print you can get them to print it themselves, or the two of you can print and draw together. Create a book out of it.educational games with hot wheels toy cars for kids

2. Sort the cars. Give them a pile of Hot Wheels, and let them organize them by size, colours, types of vehicles, etc.

3. Count the cars. Have them count how many cars do they have? What happens if we take 2 away how many do we have now? Get them to take some away, or add some for you, and you count them for them!educational games with hot wheels toy cars for kids

4. Find Matches. Do they have some that are the same? Get them to match them up. If they don’t, you can say can you find 2 red ones. Or ask them to match them up, and when they find a match ask them what makes it a match.

Have fun playing and learning with the kids this summer with these simple ideas.  What games do your kids love to play with their cars?


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Sneak Learning Into Summer With Your Little Car Lover”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love play based learning and it makes it so easy for children to learn without it being difficult for them. Like Loriag says, they soak it all up like a sponge and I just wish that I could still do that! 🙂

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