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I think we all struggle with trying to include our kids in the kitchen, or knowing what tasks are age appropriate.  Sometimes it is just easier and faster if they don’t help out.  However as parents we are doing a disservice to them and ourselves by excluding our children from the kitchen.  It is a good idea for them to get involved in the kitchen as there are many skills for them to learn.  Plus as an added bonus as they get more skillful it can be a great help to delegate some of the cooking to them.  I have always said I wanted to teach my children the skills to thrive as adults and being able to feed yourself is just one part of that.  Cooking together is also a great way to spend some quality time together and learn some of the likes and dislikes of your children.

kids helping in the kitchen

Inspired by the Ben’s Beginner Get Kids Cooking campaign, I wanted to share some age appropriate activities to help you get your kids in the kitchen!  The key is to start small and have patience, learning a new task takes time.  That might mean that you don’t try to teach your child to dice veggies on a weeknight when you are trying to get out the door to swimming lessons.  However having them pitch in to prepare for a family BBQ on the weekend is a great way to start things off.
 get kids involved in the kitchen skills by age table

Now that you have some great ideas to get your kids helping i the kitchen, head over to the Get Kids Cooking website to take up the weekly challenges! Logan Guleff, U.S. MasterChef Junior – Winner Season Two, will be issuing these challenges and, providing a cooking tips until October 11th. If you accept the challenge, all you have to do is make the item he challenges you with then upload photos of your awesome dish for a chance to win one of three $10,000 RESPs.

If you are stuck on ideas,  The Uncle Ben’s website has lots of great recipes. It is sure to get you inspired!  Here are some of our favourites that we have tried:

Chicken Fajita Skillet with Nachos

Sweet and Sour Pork

Chicken Quesadillas

Curry Chicken Basmati Rice Pilaf

How do you get you get your kids involved in the Kitchen?


Disclosure:  This post was brought to you by Uncle Ben’s.  All opinions are strictly my own.

138 thoughts on “Get Kids Cooking – Kitchen Skills By Age {Free Printable}”

  1. My kids like to help stir when I bake, and they like to help get ingredients and pick out things to help with dinner (such as what vegetable we’re having etc)

  2. My kids were in the kitchen with me as soon as they could hold a wooden spoon! We would make everything with them, but I think the very first thing they mixed up were pancakes!

  3. michelle tremblett

    I’ve been teaching my son and daughter to cook over the last year, I start them off with small tasks and work our way up 🙂 My daughter can make a mean egg sandwich hehe

  4. being a professional chef i think my son was hatched in the kitchen lol he has been in there since birth. i stared when he was old enoughto bang spoons stiring mixes and then cracking eggs. make a game of it cooking is fun and a great life skill

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Unfortunately, not one of my 7 was in the slightest interested in joining in 🙁 Now that they’re all adults 2 of the boys are really good cooks – now how did that happen?

  6. My little guy is still to young. He is only 19 months. So for example when I am making grilled cheese I will give him a kids plastic knife or a play one nd ask him to butter bread. Or if I am making cookies I will put some flour and water in his own bowl and get him to mix it

  7. I have my grandchildren help when I cook. Pouring in ingredients, stirring, peeling and shredding cheese are some of the kitchen chores they do. The older two are learning to cut up things now. The younger ones enjoy setting the table and unloading parts of the dishwasher. Encouraging them helps to keep them interested and motivated.

  8. I let my son measure pour and mix the ingredients to get him involved. He enjoys doing it, and I like the help (even if it results in a bit more of a mess)

  9. I get Sophie to help by passing me the ingredients, measuring, washing vegetables, and setting the table. When I bake she gets to stir and add ingredients. She’s really good at cracking eggs for a 5year old.

  10. I try to give the kids lots of support and encouragement to help out in the kitchen.I just assign the simplest of jobs to the little ones ,like stirring or adding chocolate chips etc.I love when they help me because they are so cheerful to work with.

  11. My grandson sits up on the counter and gets involved by adding ingredients and stirring when prompted, He loves to get involved in all aspects of cooking & baking, especially the taste testing part!

  12. Get them to help make healthy dishes that are appealing to their appetites, & give them some creative control in the process.

  13. They have fun measuring and mixing and when they get older then they can use the knife and start chopping veggies and what not!!

  14. My daughter is 6 and loves to help in the kitchen. Lately we’ve been watching Kids Baking Championship and Chopped Canada. She makes up her own recipes for smoothies. She decides what fresh or frozen fruit to use, washes it if necessary, and peels bananas. She can add ice, yogurt, cinnamon, honey. She’s recently started adding nuts “for protein Mom” and sometimes candies. She sets the table and helps clear it, will sometimes pretend to do the dishes. She helps a little at the stove but with constant supervision, mostly measuring or adding to the pot. We like to make veggie soups!

  15. I invite them to help me out in making small baking goods such as cookies, muffins in order to get them interested to help out in other cooking projects

  16. My kids are always in the kitchen. They have certain jobs they have to do and then there are the fun things like making cookies.

  17. We like to pick out new recipes from books or on line and then try them in the kitchen. The kids also like to watch other kids cooking on you tube to find inspiration for their own creations.

  18. My 3 year old daughter cooks dinner with me almost every time and she loves to bake too. As soon as she hears me in the kitchen she comes running. She does things like adding spices/herbs to sauces/soups/etc, putting vegetables in pots, and getting things out of the cupboards and fridge. She can do a lot of the making of cookies (measuring, dumping, mixing) pretty well now since she’s pretty much always done it with me. My 5 year old has no interest in cooking but she likes to chop up the veggies. My 7 year old has a few things she can make mostly on her own and she cooks with me a couple times a week. She thinks it’s great to get that time with me. She likes to make things like sushi, double stuffed baked potatoes and soups.

  19. I involved my kids in shopping and meal prep from early on such that it is second nature for them now to help out in the kitchen

  20. My kids all loved doing prep for a big meal like Thanksgiving or Christmas.My son loved to spend time in the kitchen so much he became a chef!

  21. We watch a lot of cooking shows and I get magzine with great recipes that they really WANT to try out! So much fun to watch them experiment and learn!

  22. I make sure my son gets to do little tasks, I just make sure I find safe ones for him to do, and I try not to fuss over little spills.

  23. ruth moreira-lozon

    my 5yo daughter loves to help us measure and pour ingredients; my 12yo son loves to cook by himself – he makes yummy meatballs and omelettes 🙂

  24. I forego my “need” for perfection, and neat-freakiness, and put on my “patience” hat. And allow us all to have fun! Cooking should be a joy, not just the eating part!! :o)

  25. My boys used to love to make cookies.
    It would be a messy kitchen, but fun was had.

    Great, swag prize too. Uncle, Ben’s is a family

  26. I like getting the kids involved in preparing. They like when they get to munch on the food they are preparing like carrots.

  27. I ask my daughter’s thoughts on what to eat and what to buy at grocery store. She loves to help prepare the food with me.

  28. i like having them involved with picking out a recipe, making sure we have the ingredients, any shopping, preparing and cleaning up

  29. I have had them helping since they were little. Now they are young teens and have had some home economics classes at school. We phone them when we are leaving work and suggest they start making a salad or start a meat dish then when we get home supper is on the table much faster if we can quickly add the side dishes

  30. Mine are 4 and 8. They set and clear the table, gather ingredients, older one is learning to follow baking recipes, prepping veggies etc.. They only thing I don’t have them do yet is put in and remove things from the oven.

  31. MY granddaughter loves helping in the kitchen, she’s 3 and her favourite is to add the ingredient, mix and especially cleaning dishes.

  32. My kids help out in any food prep and baking I do in the house, that way they can be apart of the meal prep and excited about dinner or dessert. I want them to have fun while learning 🙂

  33. I get the kids involved in the kitchen by showing them YouTube videos about cooking and they seem to like the FoodTV channel so they at least peak interest and they get to suggest the next meal/dinner/treat.

  34. I have 4 boys and they love to get messy in the kitchen I try not to stress when it looks like a bomb has gone off that is how I encourage them !

  35. I of course start with things like helping with baking, easy for them to measure, scoop out dough etc. Then move onto things like helping make scrambled eggs and then full meals when old enough. Helping to make pizza is a great activity too.

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