Healthy and Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

Healthy & Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

We love hummus in our home, so it was easy to come up with this tasty treat. It’s simple to make and full of flavor! Try serving it as an appetizer at your next party or have it as an afternoon snack the whole family will enjoy. It’s healthy to boot, as hummus is rich in protein, tomatoes contain vitamin C and cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamin K. Not to mention, this combination of flavours is delicious!  Try mixing flavours and toppings each time you make it, the possibilities are endless.  With many hummus flavours and cracker types on the market, these Healthy and Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks will never get boring.

Healthy Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

Here is what you’ll need to make these healthy hummus snacks

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Healthy and Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

These crunchy hummus crackers are delicious and healthy, serve to guests or have as an afternoon snack!
Course Appetizer


  • cherry tomatoes
  • mini cucumbers
  • low-fat prepackaged hummus
  • crackers consider whole wheat for a healthier alternative
  • balsamic cream
  • black pepper


  • Cut the cucumbers and thinly slice the cherry tomatoes
  • Spread a generous amount of hummus on the crackers. (Serving tip - add small waves an peaks to give character).
  • Place the tomatoes an cucumber on the the hummus-topped crackers. (Serving tip - arrange them in different quantities and create different patterns).
  • Add the balsamic cream and pepper to taste.


Healthy and Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

Any cracker will do, but consider whole wheat for a healthier alternative.  I found using cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers to be the easiest, they tend to fit on the cracker better and end up looking great.  Although my girls don’t care how it looks, they just want to dig in. 

Healthy and Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

Preparing these crackers is easy, in fact I get my oldest daughter to help me out.  She loves this recipe because she can top the crackers herself.  Begin by slicing the cucumber and tomatoes into small pieces.  Then spread a generous amount or hummus on the crackers. Add some small waves and peaks to give the crackers more character.  Place the tomatoes and cucumbers on the hummus-topped crackers – this is where the kids can really take the lead!  Finally, add some balsamic cream and pepper to taste; this combination is amazing!

Healthy Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks

Try mixing it up by adding olives and onion to a few.  There are so many ways to customize these crackers.   My youngest prefers just a cracker and hummus (she’s only 1) but my oldest loves them all dressed!   However you top them, they are sure to be a big hit.  Need some other healthy snack ideas? See our other  Healthy snacks ideas and Healthy and Easy Zucchini Bread Recipe.

8 thoughts on “Healthy and Nutritious Hummus Cracker Snacks”

  1. I would never have thought to add tomato and cucumber with crackers. Great idea. I am addicted to mustard and pickles 🙂 I should try these!

  2. 5 stars
    Hummus is one of our favourite toppings for snack time. These snacks would make the perfect appetizer for a summer get together – and healthy too 🙂 such a bonus!

  3. 5 stars
    I love hummus but never thought of adding cucumbers and tomatoes! What a great combination! Better than my Nutella and banana go to! lol and a lot healthier too!

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